"You Need To Get A Job" ...

     I am frankly getting really tired of people telling me to "get a job". Sick and tired of it in fact. I've said it already but I will say it again, jobs don't just appear out of the blue, they don't grow on trees where I can just go and pick one when I feel like it. Now apparently certain people are of the belief that I just sit down all day everyday content with the fact that I'm not working. In truth and in fact that is very far from the truth. First off as I've said in a previous post, my living arrangements are peculiar to say the least. So at the moment my space is no longer my own I have been forced to share. Next thing I don't have my own money to use as I please right now. Why? Because would you look at that I'm not working! I can't buy all the things I need out of money which isn't mine. 
     So by average standards I'm in no way whatsoever content in my current state. Now I'm being told I'm making no effort to acquire a job. No one takes into account however the many thousands of dollars I've spent printing applications travelling up and down giving them out, and travelling out of parish to go to interviews which ended up being a waste of time. No one takes it into account. All they notice is that im "living comfortably". If I was to live comfortably it would be somewhere other than here. Where u don't have to be worrying about people bothering me every hour of the day about things which in all rights are no concern of mine. How can you who don't live here in Jamaica any longer, look at me and say I'm making no effort? This really baffles me. In the country today everyone is looking to lay off rather than hire. I'm not the only one therefore who is living "comfortably" I can name quite a few people who are currently job hunting and they are much better off than me. Yet you have the gall to say I'm not making any effort. 

     Telling me I need to move out and get a job as if it's that easy. If I could I would have moved out ages ago. As a matter of fact I should have been out of your hair three or four years ago but because you didn't want to pay someone to do what I'm doing right now you had me do it. Now it's obviously by fault. I no longer say anything when some one tells me to "get a job" obviously they don't listen and understand. I'm gonna shut up now and go enjoy my "comfortable life"



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