No Love: Jamaicas Detriment

Grunge Jamaica
     Jamaica is not the country it once was. The phrase "One Love" no longer holds any meaning in the minds of our citizens. This post is the reality I have realized while interacting throughout the day on my various social networking accounts. From news articles of then and now to the general voices of people on a whole this post was birthed. With that said, I have a story to tell

     Once upon a time, long long ago there existed on this land a country known as Jamaica. Though the inhabitants were some of the rowdiest people you could imagine they were nonetheless a peaceful people. Doors could be left open at nights without the need to worry about anyone breaking in and stealing your belongings and killing you in your sleep. You could step on someone's shoes and the most that would happen is they tell you about your parts and go on with their day. Alas somewhere along the line, these peaceful people died out and a new less logical less thinking breed began to emerge. Jamaica the country we knew was no more. The island was thrown into turmoil as mass murders began to take place. You could no longer walk the streets safe at nights for fear of being held up by a gunman. Most times you even had to watch your back during the day as the criminals became emboldened. It has become so bad that even in the hospitals gunmen will walk right in finish what they started and walk right out again. The raping of little children has become a game for some of these people. If the men alone weren't bad enough, we see mothers throwing new born babies into gullies  bins, abandoned buildings etc. No one is safe....

     Nowadays it seems like everyone is literally itching to get into a fight with someone. Its as if they wake up in the mornings planning to have the worst day they can and draw anyone who approaches them into the midst of it all. Further pushing the country deeper and deeper into its state of no return. The damage the economy is facing right now is making things that much worse and it's as if there is no "light at the end of the tunnel" appearing anytime soon.
     One problem which we can see that is all too prevalent in the Jamaican society is a huge refusal (not just a lack) of understanding and kindness. Everyone is stealing from, killing and mistreating one another and yet we are still confused about the fact as to why Jamaica cannot grow as a country. You can see this very clearly in the way the "Uptown" people treat people from the Garrison with disgust and displeasure. As if to say they are too good to mix and mingle with the likes of them from the ghetto. So in that light it really is not so strange to see that the "Ghetto" crowd in some instances will more often than not look out for each other.

     In days of old children went to school and the teacher could punish that child for misbehaving. That same child dare not go home to mommy or daddy and report to them that they got punished less they get another punishment on top of that. NOW? Teacher cannot even look too hard at her strap (or ruler). All of a sudden its a crime to discipline kids in school. We have become too Americanized. Yes I know I have readers here who are American and what-not but its the truth and you all need to realize it as well and admit it.
     "Its not good for them" they say "they wont learn" they say. I know that I had my fair share of punishment in school and I turned out no less wise or learned than anyone else. The community love has disappeared as well. If a child misbehaves in the community and say a neighbour sees them and reprimands them they had better hope the parents don't hear about it or there will be blood. Parents nowadays swear on their lives that kids are little angels when in reality they are all little hell-spawns hiding in their shadows. It's sickening to say the least and that is really putting it lightly.

     Where is the love in Jamaica? We really need to start looking out for each other and stop taking each others life. Jamaica was never like this in days of old and it CANNOT continue like this. The change starts with You and I!!! We need to get back to the days when Bob Marley's song "One Love" could be blasted and ring true to the ears of those who are listening. We need to go back to the Jamaica that was so that we can take pride in having a hand in what the future generations will live and experience. Does the Jamaica of now make you proud??? Wise up Jamaica and rise up.

One Love, One Heart, let's get together and feel alright.
     See the problem, Make a change, BE the Change! 

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  1. Totally agree ... Old Story Time!!! (Love the art :P) There were still issues back in the day but none as violent as these times!

    Yet you get laughed at for wishing for 'world peace' ..... it takes one to make a difference then the rest of the world follows. *Thinks of Black Rye Peas' song ....

    1. Lol i figured youd love the art since i got one from your blog, as for the rest of your comment of course i agree with you :) and its black EYED peas young lady lol


  2. hehe yea I painted that one in college Thanks :)

    hehhe MY BAD! I spend a few second wondering if I spelled it correctly but then I forgot to 'Google' it :S Shame face.... *Looks back at previous comment* WAIT DEH - Black Rye .... *SMGDH! Walks away*

    1. youre welcome :P

      LMAO!!!!! -laughs you to scorn as you walk away- XD


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