TweetUp 2013: My Thoughts

     Let us have a moment of silence...OK enough of that. So I'm supposing you all are wondering when the blog awards will be kept. Or maybe you don't really care, but for the sake of my mental health lets say you are. The awards were held yesterday night the 19th day in the first month of the year 2013 at the South Beach Cafe in Kingston. Now since we are on the subject of South Beach Cafe I would like to say a few words. The venue was for the most part lacking. Maybe its just me but I don't think they were as prepared as they could have been to accommodate even the few who were in attendance. Seating was severely limited and thus more than half the attendees had to stand. As for the open air setting it was a nice spin on things but suppose rain had decided to follow me all the way from Mandeville, what then? No tents or any kind of covering was on hand as far as I could tell. Like I said though, maybe its just me. Who knows?

All The Awards!!!

     Any who onto more fun stuff shall we. So the highlight of this post is obviously the award right. Of course! So I was nominated for "Best Overall Writing on a Blog" and guess what guys hehe :) ... I didn't win :'( a friend of mine over on Negril Stories took the award for Best Writing. I think I could have won it but I guess we will never know now. However on a lighter note my other friend who runs 13thstreetpromotions took home for the two categories he was nominated for, one award each. He took the award for Best Music and Best Entertainment which was well deserved.
     Some of the people who I expected to win did not win so I am now very curious to see who the final judges were and also the total scores given to each blog. Prime example of this would be Shawn McLean. He was a shoe in [so to speak] for the Best Technology Blog award this however went to Jeezam [Did I get that right???]

People I Met

     Onto even more fun stuff, the people I met up with. I travelled down with @Swadedavillain ( +Wade Haye ) and @Cali_AllDay ( +Christopher Lindo ) so you can go give those two a quick follow and what not. Now upon arrival I was met with a hug from a cute one who I did not recognize at first. She looked different [in a good way] from her avatar so I wasn't processing her identity correctly. However after a moment she stepped back and I immediately recognized her as @VirgoChykTessie. Now we have had our... differences, but I take this as a sign that water has been pushed under the bridge. I have to admit if I could I would have  taken her with me back home, she looked that good. Moving on -clears throat awkwardly- I happened upon @Shanny_14 who I have met before but she as well looked different but wonderful nonetheless. Shan I will say again I love your name placement :P. A few minutes after I met up with Shan who should I see but the one and only @BreFrench I have nicknamed her "Tiny One". It was almost immediately after that @DwayneSamuels+Dwayne Samuels ) someone I've known since primary school waltzed onto the scene OBVIOUSLY in a drunken or slightly tipsy state lol.
     After a while who do you think I should happen to see take the mic but @Spunkrock (Denieze Anderson). Alas I did not get to greet her due to the fact that I looked away for one second and she mysteriously vanished into the night. Skipping through a tale that apparently looks like it will take a good long time to tell, I will just list the rest of those I saw or greeted below.

@Mr_Gamehead (+Zalgo Cometh)
@Nasylum(+Nasylum B)

     So Mr_Gamehead or Rion was nominated for the Best Lifestyle Blog, he did not however get the award this time around. He had a little one woman cheering squad with him [who loves to pinch might I point out] who did not get to cheer. I found this slightly amusing to say the least lol.
     Nasylum came as a surprise, she was taller than I thought and she said I looked fat in my display picture :(. She is a cute little thing pity shes heading back to Barbados soon though.
     Now Chunchi!!! Chunchi, Chunchi, Chunchi. I made the post on twitter as soon as I came in about how I saw Chunchi:

     That is literally true! I wanted to look down and up at the same time. Tricky young lady that one, she was pretty cool in person though. Dervin seemed to be lost lol he was up and down constantly at least from my perspective. Everytime I saw him he was aimlessly wandering or staring into space.
     Mr Pigglesworth I met just as the awards ceremony was about to end. We were told to dress comfortably and I guess he did just that donning a shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. Finally señor Ricaadoe the one who left from last years awards ceremony  carrying all of four awards. He just like Denieze just disappeared into the night. It really is a mystery.

     All in all I have to say it was a good experience, like I said I did not get an award for my category but certainly there was at least some exposure to be gained from this. Met a couple people, made a few new friends. Still sort of peeved that there wasn't any free WiFi to be accessed, I tried to load up the twitter application on my phone to no avail and thus I didn't get to tweet about the event. Still, it was a good day (Night). I also hear tell of a Blog Directory in the works which is a step in the right direction. With that, I make my departure. See you in the next post :)

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  1. Good stuff! I didn't get to see you tho but I share your sentiments. I was a bit peeved that there were no seats what so every so you know who kicked off her heels and rocked flip flops through the night. Yes they've taken my blog directory idea to light let's hope it follows through.

    1. I was looking for you too you know lol. Sounds like you enjoyed your self without them heels :D and I didnt know you were the one who came up with the idea :O

  2. Well there is always next time. Yeah I posted it on their fb page in December. Yay me! \0/

    1. A who full a smarts so :D and yeah next time definitely :)

  3. *fourth attempt* KMT..

    Sounds like an interesting event! Hope I'll get to go one year!

    1. Yes it was in and of itself rather interesting. And yes you should try and be there next year, i knw i wanna go again


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