GUEST POST: Wordsmiths

     Welcome again readers today I have yet another bit of poetry to sooth your mental cavity. This one come from yet another person who has been featured here before. Her name is Kaimoi. The poem today is entitled Wordsmiths and it is to me very simple and yet at the same time pretty powerful in the message it delivers. So sit back and give this one a good read and as usual, Enjoy.

Written By: Kaimoi

We are Shakespeare’s blacksmiths
Hammering our words into our swords
Fortifying their ores with red hot molten passion poured from our souls
Purifying them in the fire of age-old poetic prose
Using them to defend ourselves against idiots and falsely intellectual know-it-all whores
Who try to place us in some bizarre category
Saying we crazy
In truth, we are simply
One hell of a
Poetry written to orchestrated symphony from the instruments of the nine muses
And don’t confuse us
With rappers and dj's like Lil Wayne or two chains
We are too deep for them, too constructed
With similes and imageries
That paint pictures rivalling the talents of Michaelangelo
Check out them highlights though…
The word “poet” is too vague to contain us
We are WORDSMITHS, and you gotta respect us.


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