My Twisted Logic (Brain Fart)

     Ok so as you all know by now my farts leave a really weird smell in your heads after reading, this may or may not be any different. The topic this time is one which humans to this day cannot seem to conquer... Time. So a good while back if any of you care to remember I made a post entitled the Grandfather Paradox. Now in the beginning of that post you saw the following paragraph

Time travel is impossible as exemplified by the famous grandfather paradox. Imagine you build a time machine. It is possible for you to travel back in time, meet your grandfather before he produces any children (i.e. your father/mother) and kill him. Thus, you would not have been born and the time machine would not have been built, a paradox.
     Now as I sat down and reread through some posts as I am wont to do I stumbled upon the aforementioned post and it got me thinking up a fart... so to speak. So here it is...

     We have all heard theories as to why Time Travel just cannot and will not work although there are still those who believe it to be so. The theory I came up with branches off of the paragraph quoted above. The reason Time Machine CANNOT work is because they DO work..... Sit and think about that for a second... Still with me??? Lets for the sake of my sanity make a scenario real quick using Jane (She doesn't exist) for example.

     Jane builds a perfectly working time machine and she in fact travels back in time she meets herself a few years earlier when she has just started work on her machine. Upon meeting herself she has a heart-attack and dies. The Jane from the present doesn't feel an adverse effects and she continues working on the machine that her current self was building. Little does she know however that time has already looped around on itself and she has already completed the same machine yet again. She travels back in time yet again and them same scenario plays out, throwing her life into an eternal loop. After awhile she obviously starts to experience a form of Deja Vu. She leaves a note to already time travelling self knowing that she was going to die of heart attack and told her to get out of the lab before X time as that is when her future self would materialize. She leaves and never looks back. Future her comes finds the note and goes to work on the machine following the schematics left by her now absent present self. She never got the machine working again and from that day on every-time she built the machine she kept being thrown back to just as she is making the jump to go back in time.

     Did I lose you?? If you said no you're lying because I lost myself writing that. Now heres the point im trying to make okay. We go back to what I said earlier: The reason time travel cannot work is because it does. This is explained like this.
     Using Jane as an example yet again, she flips the switch to activate her time machine and she travels back in time but when she does time again has already looped itself around and she is right back where she started in the future already. So every time she disappears she reappears in the exact same spot in less than a millisecond. Now if someone were to say be in the same room as her at the time of activation, the wouldn't see her leave at all. She however would be feeling some sense of deja vu. Why?? Because she has already been through this exact scenario. I hope this makes sense to someone ...
Time travel works and THAT'S why its impossible, Class Dismissed.

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  1. Love your farts ... n YESISH you lost me but I do get what you are saying hehehehe

    I just want to mind read! That is all!

    1. LOL you love my farts just sound a way XD but Ill let that slide.


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