So Theres This Girl That I Like...

     Since the last Tuesday in December 2012 I have been attending what is referred to as "Open Mic" held at the OMG Restaurant located in Mandeville. It is during this time that I have been inspired to pick up writing poetry yet again and inspired I was. It is intended to be a spoken word so the flow of it may be difficult for most of you to understand but the meaning should be no less easier to understand. So enjoy this my first poem in ages!!!

So there's this girl that I like
Yeah kinda weird right?
You know that fairy tale about the cow jumping over the moon?
Everytime I see her
My heart jumps over the cow that jumped over the moon for her

Looving you is easy cause you're beautiful
Yes she's beautiful but that's not a compliment
Its more like stating the obvious like America is a continent
Or right now I'm not feeling overly confident

We've only met a few times but damn im already sprung
But don't get me wrong
Its nothing bad to be sprung
I just want to spend the rest of my life waking up to her after being with her all night long

Ooo baby I love the way
You carry yourself
Always looking so delightful you take care of yourself
If I were you and it were possible id marry myself

You so fine
Here's a thought you be Bonnie I be Clyde
The two of us together can orchestrate the perfect crime
Yeah I know it sounds divine
While I'm stealing your heart you can be busy stealing mine

I wonder if you ever notice me noticing you
If not, guess what here's my notice to you
This notice is for you to notice that I've taken notice of you
When you notice this notice I pray that you notice me too

Wait hold on let me calm down a bit
Take it slow yeah girl that's how I want to do it
Whoa whoa hold on I'm not talking sex lemme finish don't ruin this
What I'm implying is simply wanting you to be mine
And then we take things slow in this this called a relationship

No don't laugh in my face like that I'm dead serious
Since I met you everytime you're not here I'm delirious
I just can't stop thinking back on her beauty
You want a love game. I'll make her my call of duty
Lets play a love game play a love game
No fuck that shit
Playing games with love you'll get tired of it

So maybe I'll go back to the ancient ways
Where I send a letter and wait for her reply for days
I'd sit at my desk with fountain pen in hand and on that piece of parchment my heart would make a stand

Dear Apple of my eye
It would take the clouds in the sky as paper
And the water in the seas as ink
For me to express the feelings I have for you
But to break it down into simpler terms
I'll just end with I love you...
Sincerely yours
You know who booboo

I wish I could be the ink that's coming from the pen
So I could feel her touch after the letter sends
But I can't
I swear it would be the best feeling I ever had

So there's this girl that I like...
I think I love her... 


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