GUEST POST: Pleasure

     Hello again one and all and welcome to yet another Guest Post. Today we have yet another poem by the wonderful Deanna. If you haven't yet you should read her previous poem entitled Mindfuck I promise you its a good read. Today however we wont be indulging in any mental fucking, we will however venture into the realm of the physical with her poem titled "Pleasure". With her excellent wordplay she brings you into her world and lets you experience this pleasure first hand like a good piece of written work should. So before I go rambling on about how excellent this poem is why don't you read it and experience for yourself.

Please Note: Graphic Images Follow. You were warned

Written by: Deanna Corrodus

I can feel you all around me thickening the air I'm breathing
Your touch has me melting your body has me craving
My thoughts are at a pause my heart's in a race
This sensuality has me in a daze.
I can't hear above your breathing

Or is it my screaming baby bend me over take me, 
I'm willing my entire body is alive
Your kiss is like a fire burning hot, going all night
You're my sinful desire when you bite your lips
my pulse begins to trip you're so hot, thrusting in and out
Juicing me of everything I am til' there's nothing left

Cant you see my belly dip?
My fingers in the sheet, such a tight grip
The sweat running down my neck
My body is a wreck
You're like a god your body so thick and hard
How you keep going deeper the immensity just raw

My legs spread, your body braced your breathing quick, my back bent
How my tongue is slick as it glides along your...****
The way your fist tightens when I rub my clit
Then I grind against your lips as my sides are where you grip
We can't fight the urge my tongue, our kiss
There's no room for air baby the way we fuck is such bliss

How do you like it when my nails are in your back
My teeth are in your neck my breasts against your chest
My pussy keeping you wet baby come inside me, but don't stop
Hold your breath, drive me over the edge
Wrap your fingers in my hair and shake the walls while we shake the bed

Put my legs over your shoulders drown me in your kiss
Grind into me until you have nothing left the way we fuck is such bliss...


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