Pants Foot Of Doom -_____-

(8)Hopped up out ma bed turn the alarm off(8) and it all went downhill from there -____- well not at that point really but you'll understand as you read along. So here I am just turn off the alarm and close my eyes for five minutes yeah? The time was 6:00 however after that five minutes I woke up only to see that it 20 minutes to 8 I was like WTF! :o any who I hurried up got ready and splurt out the house walk out the road and took a taxi (something I rarely do) and happened to reach work early 2 minutes late but we won't worry about the details).
So here I am now at work, JUST step in and sign in and everything right. Out of nowhere my manager Mrs Walker >:@ comes up to me and ask me why ma pants foot look how it look... Here's the thing all ma pants them are long right so I walk on the pants ends ad them happen to fray out, right. Good so any way I look on it and you can barely notice it unless you actually go out of you way to see it because I don't wear this specific pants very often. Any way I tell her I will roll up the foot and I got ready to turn an go on my merry way upstairs. She with her ups self now come talk bout "NO!!! You either going to go and make a tailor take it up or go home and change it and come back. You not rolling up no pants foot in here. Fucking fool nuh true??? Tssk. Mi not even look pan har mi just pudung mi laptop bag and walk out with her still talking. I decided that since I'm NOT going to take up the pants foot to please nobody I'm going to go and change the pants because I don't see why I must spend my money to fix something that's not bothering me or anyone else but you. If you want it fix you give me the money to fix it, until then shet you bloodclaat mouth and fuck off. Any ways I'm walking home (taking my sweet time to enjoy the cool breeze that was blowing) and I think to myself, since I'm going home....I might as well do a few things before I head back to work, so that's exactly what I did. I washed a few clothes I took a bathe I stopped off for a short little conversation and even took the time to pick some Pears (some damn good tasting pears too) I also did a little bit of cleaning. All in all a good extra 2 and a half hours well spent well spent. I could have left and come back in 45 minutes or less enuh but I decided fuck it I don't really care what she wanna say. Any ways ( I seem to say that a lot....) I got ready and began the walk back to work with a few pears for some of the people at work. I coincidentally forgot to carry one for her...oh well. Took a good 45 to reach back. Stepped in like a boss with ma hair brushed back shades on and didn't say a word to a soul. Just headed upstairs. I didn't even see the bitch. And this all took place before lunch time which I'm gonna go deal with right now Thu, Jun 30, 2011 11:58:25 AM. See you after the jump...
Back at work, took out my anger on some food watching Family guy now.....1:33:03 PM

So I had stopped watching family guy and tried to get some sleep didn't work.....yeah customers left right and centre and any other orientation possible within our Three-Dimensional world.
So anyway this lady come in here couple minutes to five when we just about ready to close off. She paying on her account. I take the money, post it on her account then go about continuing the closing off procedures. This woman come back to me now in this serious sorta joking like tone talking bout "I gave you 3200 dollars you couldn't tek off 2000 dollar more?" I look at her like :| and then she's like "Your lost?" I'm like :| No... She's like "So you understand what I'm saying?" I'm like :| Yes.... She's like " ._o so what you plan to do about it?". And I'm just sitting there like WTF you talking about but what I actually say is "Nothing :|" then she's like "I'm joking" I'm like :| and then she's like "so you not laughing you cyaa laugh??" I give her the look :| and then I hit her with "no" and then this dutty johncrow a come try get bex wid me cuz I didn't laugh at her fucking joke -____- I'm like Bitch....Really? O_o. Then she come a talk bout "me a spend my money so when I come here and paying my money you must laugh" I continue like this :|. Then she come talk bout she not leaving till mi laugh I'm like :| Whatever and finish counting off my money..... Didn't see her when I finishe counting *shrugs* oh well she won't be missed. These are the bits of fuckery I go through everyday and then them people here have the gall to question me as to why I can't smile wid dem -_____- FML. A mean seriously just because you spending money here I must bend over and mek you buttfuck me with your fucked up excuses for a joke? Niggette Please ill pass. I can bet shell report this but quite frankly I seriously don't give a fuck. Go hire somebody to laugh at your shit cuz I really don't find it funny and I aint gonna laugh. Yeah and that's my day fucked up day.
5:29:55 PM
Yours truly,
*insert fake smile*
5:43:28 PM

The Pants Foot In Question..... -_____-

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