We all have seen out fair share of police brutality and corruption. If we havent seen it first hand we have most definitely heard about it through some medium or another. This poem speaks about a corrupt cop and just how far he goes to get his way. Written by Britton Wright, I give you "Di Law".

Di Law
Written By: Britton Wright

Di Law
Me a di law.
Mi a work fi my stripe even if mi haffi swipe a fool life.
All him wife an pickney a get lick weh.
Mi nah spare none an mi pack a spare gun fi di sheer fun.
Serve an protect wa? Mi introtech?
In retrospect, mi barely pass di entrance test but mi smart enough fi stash a extra piece and plain clothes in case mi need fi release couple inna a bwoy fi lef him brain supple pon di lane an mek him pain cease.
Peace officer? Please… Look like yuh nuh know mi a do road before cock put on him draws fi crow.
So yuh betta drive slow outta Ferry cause my speed gun workin’ very well.
Mi a look a profit an if you nuh plan fi swell my pocket when your car a pass an mi stop it,
Mi goodaz touch yuh windshield wid my nightstick and crack it.
Me a di law.
Mi nuh wait inna line or siddung inna traffic uppa Molynes.
When me tun on di siren inna di Kingfish lookin well distinguished you woulda swear there's a crime scene.a
An my heart cold like fudge so if you nuh decide fi budge mi wi tell di judge outta pure grudge.
Money man a pree, so keep yuh hail.
Mi nuh fraid fi sen a innocent man go jail an lef him stuck widout bail.
Yuteman? Iz a splifftail dat? (Laugh) Yuh jus fail.

Don’t even bodda try hide di weed cause couple seed drop pon di gravel an copper travel swift So if yooouuuu
nuh put up yuh hand
mi wi mek two lift yooouuuu
like a fyah rocket.
Wah him jus say Iyah? Stop it?
Squaddie, plant a rachick pan him.
Dat wi put a spin pon di term bury di hatchet.
Mi know my day wi come but di bwoy weh badda dan me nuh hatch yet!
Me a di law.
Yuh neva saw pon di news how mi bus up a yute jaw caw him allegedly draw gun pan mi an wi engage in a shootout?
Pity yuh nuh know mi jus buss two inna di yute mouth.
Yow cabbie, wa you bout?
You an yuh taxi fren dem betta atten my dance nex week cause if by chance mi nuh spot yuh
Mi might jus have to send yuh uppa tax office go pay two ticket. Zeen Star?
Me a di law.
By out di bar. Mek it a date an don’t be late. Bring yuh queen so she can clean mi machine.

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