Hello one and all, back again with yet another poem. Now this one I'm still in all rights slightly confused about. Why??? Simply because the person who wrote it decided to go all psychological on me when he was sending this. You know the whole ID thing in psychology?? He was like Anon ID and such. Anyway here is his poem enjoy lol.

Written By: Anon ID..?

She gives me love like an elevator,
She brings me up and she holds me down,
She is my ground level but when she is down
I will be the one to elevate her,

When we get to our level, we get off the elevator,
Our long nights begin when she kisses me
And has to use her toes to elevate her,
I look down in her soul and the wanting in our eyes
Becomes static and everything after that is automatic like
The ding of an elevator when I elevate her,

Our love is like an elevator,
Because whether we are going up or down
We are going together.


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  1. I think this sounds like lyrics to a song :S

    1. You know I never thought about it that way though. Lol but now that you mention it you may be onto something.


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