2012 My Year In Review

     Before I actually begin, I would first like to say that I JUST realized that I didn't do a review of 2011 :/ that kinda sucks on a major scale. HOWEVER!!! I DID do a 2010 Review so that kinda doesn't suck right? You can check that out HERE. Please also note that the 2010 Review SUCKED but you should still check it out cause I'm awesome. Now that we have that settled lets get on with the show shall we?
     So what was 2012 like for me...? Well it coincided with my opening paragraph. 2012 SUCKED! Yes it did indeed. Why you may ask??? Oh nothing much, save for the fact that I cant find a new job. Stuck at home 90% of the time as a result of that. Money problems, STILL single and a host of other things. Even though this year was crap however, it did have its share of good times, albeit a rather small portion. So I guess we can break this up for the time being into sections.


     I would just like to say that we had some wonderful movies this year but dammit they made some absolute SHITTY ones. Case in point... Battleshit. Sorry sorry I meant Battleship but I think my title sounded better. I wont go into a review on it in this post but if you want to read my thoughts on it you can check the post out HERE. Another shitty movie this year just so happens to be Breaking Dawn Part 2. UGH!!! The only good thing I can see about this movie coming out is that its the last one in the series, and thus the movie world will be free of at least one burden. There were a few more quite a few actually, but these ones really just grinded my gears. A wonderful set of movies DID come out this year as well so it wasn't all bad thankfully. Avengers, The Dark Night Rises etc.  To delve more into the movie world of this year and more the check out +Shawna Baggins blog over at SNG Movie Thoughts. That's the go to blog for anything movie.


     Now with movies out of the way, we can indulge slightly in music of the year. Now I'm not as big a music buff as I could probably be, heck I hardly listen to anything new which comes out at all. However I do hear things on the rare occurrence and I am like everyone else a bit impacted by it. Now for my Jamaican people you all by now know of Tommy Lee. Yes you ALL do. Now don't get me wrong, his sound is great and it adds a new spice to dance-hall  His content however leaves much to be improved. This whole "Demon" thing he is promoting is not to be taken lightly. You can see all I have to say on that topic HERE. Moving on we still have some pretty useless people in the music industry today, one which I will probably get hate from the fans is Nicki Minaj. She has already outgrown her stay and needs "Have A Seat". Kanye as usual brought his awesome Beats and Good music. One song however you should take a really good listen to and interpret is Mercy. Because I'm such a wonderful person I decided to show you a video with a little interpretation of the song. Dropping knowledge on you all today:

To go a little further into what took place this year on the music scene go check out +Wade Haye's Music blog over at 13thStreetPromotions fairly new, but he's got he scoop on things

Other Stuff

     Hello Sandy how are you today? Yes Hurricane Sandy came to town. In my case it didn't really do much save give me a reason to sleep throughout the day. It did cause quite a bit of damage for a large amount of people, and took a few lives in the process. 
     For the Jamaican people we saw JPS up to its antics yet again. Power cut after power cut after power cut. There was also the court case in which they were the centre of attention with regards to their monopoly on provisioning electricity to the island. I didn't really follow up on that so I have no idea at the moment of the outcome. In the case of the Americans, they have re-elected their first black president for another four years is it??? Good going Obama. 
     In other news people are STILL on the SWAG and Y.O.L.O. train, chanting these phrases for every little thing no matter the context or relevance. See Slang Overload. Also we see people more and more gravitating to Instagram. All of a sudden they are all photographers and models and whatnot -Sigh-. We have also noticed a saddening rise in the crime rate. Rape being notoriously high. If that wasn't bad enough, these rapists are targeting young children who have not even hit puberty as yet. Robbing the cradle so to speak. Children stabbed in China and an Elementary School Shot up in Connecticut. It is clear to see that these are sad times we are living in.

The Good

     Made some new friends and also reconnected with some older ones. I started learning 3D Design. Along with the 3D I did a bit more in the way of designing and graphics. As a matter of fact you can see a bit of what I started working on HERE and HERE. Those two links are a blog I made specifically to showcase as a portfolio in the event that I get a lucky break in the field and a deviant art page respectively. If that in and of itself wasn't wonderful enough already, I can add that I have started blogging a lot more. If THAT wasn't good enough, my viewer ship on this blog has drastically increased! When I started this year I did NOT expect to even reach 25000 views and look at it now close to 100K! In that breath I have to thank the person who got me started blogging in the first place, and that would be my "Little" friend JoWill aka @MszRockstar. Tiny girl making Gigantic moves. Also, Jamaica went HARD in the Olympics!!! Everyone wants to be Jamaican now :D
     This year also had some wonderful occurrences take place for the world of gamers everywhere. I however am not currently qualified to go into much detail seeing as my Xbox is now completely dead and I have no other consoles. However all is not lost. The blog you should check out for everything game related is belong to +Zalgo Cometh. That blog over at In The Mind Of My Mind

The Bad

     Where oh where do I even begin... well for starters you could go reread my second paragraph. Go on, reread it, I'll wait right here until you're done... You done now??? OK moving on from that, Movies and Music -shudders-. All the crime and violence which took place this year. We also apparently died and reincarnated without any knowledge of it, seeing that the world ended today (December 21, 2012) If you don't know what it is that I'm talking about the you are obviously living underneath a rock or some other equivalent. Also if you've read this far and clicked the link to my previous year in review then you already are aware that I am still no good at summing up a year into a breathtaking post. I need to enhance my writing skills.

The End

     Now judging from what you can see above I'm guessing most of you will say it wasn't really that bad a year and whatnot. I on the other hand think differently and so I have no choice but to say that 2012 has been my worst year so far. Also with this post I can say that I have survived yet another predicted apocalypse. If you're reading this, then you also have performed this amazing feat. Kudos to you. So with all that said and done I guess all I have to say is this:

To 2012

and to 2013

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  1. December 21st, 2012 aint over yet brah. lol

    1. Lol but still no sign if imminent doom has been made known the day is already half done xD


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