Love, Sex & Friendship

     The search for the perfect relationship continues for many people myself included. It may never be located but a perfect match on the other hand is not so difficult to find as is the relationship. First let us list a few terms:

Couple: How does a relationship fall into the category of couple??? Simple, when two who are in love....have sex, basically. Somehow though cheating tends to ensue. My theory is that even though these people "Love" each other and love to fuck each others brains out there is no friendship. Hence they see no problem in loving and fucking multiple people at the same time. That's a Couple "/

Sex Friends: This one is quite simple.... When sex and friendship collides you get Fuck Buddies or Sex Friends. This one may occur sometimes when a friend may be feeling down and the other tries to console that down friend, then the two get just a bit too close and they start seeing fireworks, you Katy Perry?.... Yeah. The only problem with this form of relationship is that there is no love between the two people on an emotional level per say. So getting hurt is not an option here, it is a requirement.

Its Complicated: The all famous status "Its Complicated" if you find yourself in this bracket.....RUN!!! This type of relationship is formed when two friends fall in love. One problem however is that even though these people are in love, they refuse to even try having sex. Why? Because they don't wish to ruin their friendship and make things awkward. The main reason one falls in love with a friend often times is because a friend, a true friend, knows the inner workings of their mind already. This friend knows everything about that person already so they would not really have to go through the "getting to know" phase. Also being friends they probably had some sort of hidden love for the other before and some spark of chemistry forced them to unveil it. That is the basic workings of an "Its Complicated" relationship
PS: Facebook has popularized this one. See Facebook for details

     Now you notice something or at least you should have noticed something when reading those three descriptions. Each one of them contained something that the others were missing. Correct?? (Read them again)
So our natural curiosity would bring us to wonder... What would happen if we combine the three ingredients?? Well you would end up with the "Perfect Relationship"

Perfect Relationship: This relationship is a strange and rare phenomenon. Only occurs in the movies as many people are led to believe but this is not so. All you need are the following ingredients

1 Friends
1 Spark of love
Add a dash of sex
Everything nice
And a shitload of trust

     Voila!!! You have the perfect relationship. It can happen if two people are genuinely sure of what they want and are willing to put their all on the line to make it happen. Sadly many people instead of trust and love, add money instead and problems ensue once that money runs out. One person will not be satisfied and this work of art will fall to pieces.

     With all that being said and done my recommendations fall on the Couple category. That is if you can't reach to the "Perfect Relationship" yet. Who knows it may just work out. So go out there and start cooking

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  1. Thank you for the definition of the "It's complicated" type of relationship. Never figured out what fb meant really!
    I better start run fast though, most of the time I find myself in this bracket :/


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