The Illusion Of Reality....

I used to think i was the only one who considered that whatever it is we perceive with the naked eye or with all our combined senses for that matter were all figments of our imagination. Apparently im not, and my deductions were not that far off for that matter.

According to Einstein and his Equation E=MC2 and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac and his research on Positrons or Antimatter, every single molecule on earth has an equally opposite Doppelganger existing in a Mirror or Alternate world. Every action performed by said molecule is reinvented in this opposite world. It is also stated that if any of these particles should happen to collide with their counterpart there would be an explosion of energy equivalent to 1 Million Hiroshima Sized Atom Bombs

My theory therefore is not that far off. Basically the question is this, what if, what we are experiencing now is just the mirroring of what our real selves are doing???? The Yin and Yang as the chinese call it??? All the destruction and chaos going on in this world is not actually real??? What If, the judgement day mentioned in the bible is actually the collision of our molecules with that of our alternate selves??



  1. Yoot.... DID U FUKKIN WRITE "SOUTHLAND TALES" (the movie)?? I swear it jus replay in my head as i read this

  2. i wish babe lol. i was just holding a deep meds when i wrote this


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