I am, Dot Dot Dot. . .

Yeah......so....um do i word this??? *sigh*

Have you ever sat down and thought about what exactly it is you want in this world???? How you go about it???? Risks you would take to get it?????

Most likely yes. Some of you have gone for what you want and you got it, I on the other hand am unsure of what that trump card in my life would be. Sure I know tons of stuff i would most definetly want, but there is something missing...or maybe its someone.....

As humans its a natural part of us to feel needed, to experience the warmth of another heart, to feel love.

As humans yet again we have destroyed the sequence of going about love and in turn the meaning, the TRUE meaning of what love is. It has become so bad that no one is willing to trust anyone with their hearts anymore everyone just wants to go out Fuck the next victim and go on as if nothing happened. Even through all that however EVERYONE has an urge, the need to feel as if their existence is more than just living to die, everyone even though most will not admit to the fact, wish to have someone close by with whom they can relate to, share secrets that they wouldn't tell anyone else on the planet. They want someone to trust. Sadly however trust has along with love has been watered down near to the brink of extinction. The world is clouded with misguided people walking around with paranoia eating away at their hearts and minds.

Where did we go wrong????

Anyway i didnt plan to go along this path when i started this post so let me get back to what i really meant to talk about.

So yeah, im a guy (obviously) and ive probably said this in a prior post already, maybe, im not so sure.... but i find it hard to find a woman who i can relate to on an array of levels. Women nowadays (most of them anyway) seriously have NO. DAMN. CLUE. what it is they want in a relationship, males too but yeah.... Wait yeah i did say this already...... >>>>> HERE <<<<< ill move on to the next point...

So we all know the Cellphone Tune jamaican artiste Kirpich did right??? >>> Di Chune <<< Well the song hits a strong point. Women as well as men but women a little more tend to love to search their partners phones for whatever reason it is, when they finally find what they are searching for they act all surprised with what they see. They cant handle the truth (man to so unno nuh come jump down mi rawse throat). I mean seriously if you cant handle what you gonna find why go look for it??? Im not saying the guy is right to go about cheating on you but damn stop trying to cause problem for you and him and the people around you. In the same breath id like to say you ladies need to STOP going after another womans man, and you niggas need to leave people woman alone. You have you partner already and you take it upon yourself to be a damn homewrecker. All you Bitches and Niggas need to cut it the fuck out. All of you in my opinion fuck it up for the good guys and girls who cant seem to find the Prince Charming or Mrs Right. Prime example *cough* myself *cough* Yeah ... >.>

Now, if you have any discrepancies....any at all!!! Please go to the nearest phone and dial 1-800-IDONTGIVEADAMN

Do, Have a nice day *insert fake smile*



  1. yea niggahs just be ruthless nowadays man. where is the honor...?

  2. yeah they be that and it pisses me off

  3. I loovvee it :) great post!I am not of those that lost hope, I know Pronce charming is waiting somewhere :)


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