Wash WHICH PANTY!!!???

So here i was going about my day as per usual when all of a sudden i see a tweetdeck notification. It reads:

 @Khaos_Music: Question...  Do you think its right for a man to be washing his girlfriend's underwear? "Hand Wash?" If yes, say why?

Honestly the way i see it nothing is wrong with it. If this woman is your girlfriend wife whatever as long as she is your special someone nothing is wrong with doing it for her. Now many men will jump an quote @iamthekartel saying "Wash Which Panty??!! Mi Naw Wash No Draws!!" (T-Pain and Kartel - Im Sprung Remix) 

(we all know you cant listen to anything kartel says nowadays) any GAZA fan nuh like dat can go chuck awf!!! Back to the matter at hand. Let me ask you this, do you see anything wrong with a woman washing your underwear???? I bet you dont nuh true???? I mean seriously now, if you can take OFF the panty and fling it pan di floor and go to town on her coochie why not at least have likkle supm bout you and wash her panty for her??? All it does is cover the same hole you desperately wanted to get in isnt that right???

Now im not saying that you have to make it your job to wash her under garments all the time but you can at least do it some of the times you know to show that you care. Women tend to get burdened down with a shit load of work and they sometimes are super tired after all that is done. So lets look at it from a selfish point of view. Suppose with you washing a couple of her undies for her. She finishes all she has to do and guess what??!! More Sex time for the both of you!!!! :D i bet you're reconsidering washing those garments now arent ya???

Another aspect that you can look into is the buying of little neccesities for you woman. These include but are not limited to; Pads, Tampons, Bras and again we come back to Panties etc. Are you ashamed to buy those things for you leading lady??? Well in my opinion you are ashamed of her #KanyeShrug. The is NOTHING wrong with doing these things for her. Imagine if one day you woman just Ups and gets sick so sick shes bed ridden for a month??? WWYD - What Would You Do???? would you leave all her things in the wash basket until she gets better??? Make her go without any fresh clothing, pads tampons and the like??? Or would you be a man about the whole situation and try to make her feel even more appreciated??? Do right by your woman dont be ashamed of her. 

I end with the quote - Dont neglect to make you woman feel special, There is always another nigga out there who would be more than willing to do it if you dont

I now bid thee farewell :) More Posts coming soon ^.^



  1. to anyone having a problem washing they woman panty/draws watever. all i wanna know is since they have a problem wid that would they rather to wash another man's own...?

  2. Thats a good question!!!!!!! lol

  3. DWL I love that GIF!

    Kartel has issues as I think has by no been made OFFICIAL! So I hope all his 'followers' have gotten a shrink and their colour back. :D

    You know ... I've never heard anyone ask if it's ok for a woman to wash the man's boxers n whatever it is you all wear.

    Love the ending quote!

  4. Me and you can gree enuh!! JAH KNOW!!! Is like your my me-ness in someone else... O_O

  5. What you saying to me! lol Great minds think alike!


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