Who Pays???? (Brain Fart)

So girls nowadays are a trip...well most of them anyway. I mean for years now women have been fighting to be independent, wanna have their own money and shit. Spend it whenever wherever on whoever and whatever they want right. So why is it then that women are CONSTANTLY looking for men to wine and dine them????? *dodges harsh words and spike heels* Ladies ladies calm yo tits.

 I'm not bashing you all. Now I'm not against the whole procedure of wine and dine every once in a while, No. My problem here is, you all have assimilated almost every thing that we as men do and made it your own, but somehow you have all seemed to have conveniently forgotten about the spending of money on someone else, for example on a dinner date. Now I KNOW you all are gonna say "I ain't spending my well earned money on no man" or "he's the man hes the one supposed to pay for everything" or something along those lines. Its unbelievable that even after fighting to be on the same playing field as men you don't want to play by the rules here. You all are making your own money are you not??? So why is it then that you find it hard to treat us once in a while?????? Is there some unwritten clause that states its against the law for you to do so????? Its like what Chris Rock said  on his comedy sketch "Kill The Messenger" (I hope i got that right) Females pussy dries up once they find out they have to spend money (I paraphrased). I mean its not like an every day thing that every time you go out you're definitely gonna HAVE to pay, but dammit you all need to just chill for a minute. You all always talking bout "You aint ever take me nowhere", "your broke ass cant afford to take me nowhere". Shut the fuck up please. If you wanna go out so bad spend some of YOUR money for a change, since we broke how about you treat us for once????? Now for all the ladies who actually spend their own money and for the ones who actually treat their men???? Power to you


So like i guess thats it then...... So..um... Yeah Bye.....
This brain fart brought to you by these ladies right here. Causing chaos one independent woman at a time (its a joke) -_-

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  1. Haha well my take is .. if I ask you out then I'll pay and vice versa ... won't hurt to split the bill either but if you suddenly letting me do all the work then either you're too damn cheap or not that interested. Once upon a time I'd hate to let a guy spend money on me .... but now why the hell not ...

  2. Thats what im getting at basically lol


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