SOPA, PIPA and now CISPA???

The government just refuses to give up. WHY do they feel the need to try and control the internet???? Who gave the US government the right to try and regulate it??? The internet belongs to no one in particular, it belongs to ALL of us. They need to stop this shit. Sure you have a few bad apples on the net, cool, but dont go shutting down every fucking thing because of that. Then the bastards are saying that they shall be taking personal information in the name of some fucking Cyber security act -_- Fuck that shit. If they keep pushing, the people are GOING to push back, it seems like they havent figured that out yet. Its just a pity people dont realize how much power they have against the government. The whole government worldwide needs to be reformed. Check out the video after the jump.



  1. *sigh* I can't keep up ...... as if life aint hard enough. KMT... You are right though! We hold so much power!

  2. Quite so. they need to be put on a reign and brought down


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