No Two Ways: Fuck Friends or More?

So I recently did a post relating to the dreaded Friendzone. It got me wondering, what do we as a people really want??? Do we really want to get into relationships or is it that we just want the benefits that the relationship offers??? If you look at it, most relationships dont last because of one main reason, Sex. Its either lacking in the creativity department so its boring, or its just plain non-existent, and because of that the relationship then crumbles. What did we get from that just now??? The two parties involved were not in it for the love and respect of the other, they just wanted to get some sex and get it over with. Now one major problem that occurs quite often is that males more often than not seek simply the sex while the females often times are looking earnestly for a genuine relationship, the opposite is also true but it is a bit rarer in my opinion. Either way this occurence definitely poses a problem. Why???

Well simple, when for example the male has gotten a little pussy from the girl he decides that hes tired of her, he'll just up and leave. She however having been tricked into said relationship will be devastated. Often times not knowing what to do with herself she will shut down her emotions and find it hard to trust men ever again, and in most cases not just men but anyone that tries to show her the least bit of love in every sense of the word.

So what you guys need to start doing is like i always say, tell the person what exactly you are after. If youre only going to be with the person for just sex, LET THEM KNOW. Dont go around pretending you love someone just so you can get into their pants, then leave them once you get it. It makes no sense, and its a disgusting practice. Lay your motives out from the start. Everyone will better off in the end because of it. Now with that being said, I depart.

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  1. Will you stop digging into my mind :P True words and very well said!!!!

  2. *Grabs bigger shovel* i refuse!!! lol thanks :)


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