Monogamy... Taught? (Brain Fart)

So I was scrolling down my twitter timeline one day (don't remember exactly when) when I see a tweet from this chick right here>>> @iAmCandyCane (she changes here name alot so yeah. Don't ask why i follow her just continue reading -_- ) about Monogamy being a taught habit. I read and re-read it a couple times and I have to say I sort of agree with it. But first of all "What is Monogamy"???

The practice of faithful monogamy stipulates that a man can marry only one wife at any one time in his life. Even though the various forms of marriages have been practiced through the generations, monogamy has emerged to become law in some countries today, such that the legal registration of more than one wife become a violation. This is termed "Should-be" or "must-be" monogamy.
The first instances of such widespread enforcement were in Western Europe and it eventually gained worldwide acceptance in the modern world, especially in the Western Hemisphere.

In the olden days men had many wives and it was seen as nothing to be frowned upon. What happened??? Well its quite interesting actually. You see in those times Kings were very powerful entities and could literally do whatever they please. Some of these kings got a little bit.. "Greedy". They see some of the most beautiful women around their land and they decide that they should be the only one to have them and anyone else who even looked at them a certain way were put to death. So laws were made and enforced that only the king was allowed to have more than one wife. Now I guess i should probably say I don't know if this is entirely true just that i can vaguely remember reading it somewhere.

Any way the point of the matter is, monogamy IS a taught behaviour. If you look back even in the bible almost every man could have more than one wife. Most of them did! The main culprit being, yes you guessed it King Solomon. He had a whopping 700 wives and princesses and to add to that he had 300 Concubines. No I'm not good at math or anything but that's ALOT of women. In those times however there was a reason for these practices. Some of which include the fact that women were Uneducated, unable to fend for themselves and outnumbered men by a large amount. An unmarried woman could not survive for very long in those days and so a polygamous life was not frowned upon. Another reason could be associated with the multitude of wars fought regularly in those times. Men would die out very quickly and so the women were married off so as to provide heirs and such two carry on their families legacy and bloodlines etc. Sex outside of marriage was also frowned upon and we all know women tend to have a slightly higher sex drive than men.

So in closing i guess, nowadays we don't really NEED polygamous relationships for the fact that we aren't really fighting as much deadly wars as we were back then although mark you we still do have wars and people still ARE dying out. On the other hand our population growth has increased exponentially. So one man having a bunch of wives wouldn't be ideal. Too many kids at once. Also funny enough i doubt there are alot of women nowadays willing to enter into polygamous relationships either way you look at it. We have been taught that its wrong and so be it, its wrong!!! Look at it in the sense of multiple sex partners though, not boyfriend/girlfriend, Isn't it basically the exact same thing????? *Shrug* Who knows. I suppose that's why America has begun legalizing same sex marriages :/ Who knows *shrug*

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