How Da Party Ya Look Suh?

Ok so this one is directed at the Party People. Now I am not one who goes out and parties on a regular basis but when I do I go and I enjoy myself right. So the idea for this post came to me one night or rather one morning after i came in from a certain party here in Mandeville.
The party in question was "Mandeville Carnival" or the Soca Party as I fondly call it. I don't know what you determine a party to be but in the case of Mandeville Carnival - hereinafter referred to as "The Party"- I go to fling paint on people and whine up on the girls, drink my liquor and be merry cool. Somehow though, this vibe did not translate at all. First off when you go to a party of that calibre you should be smart enough to know you shouldn't wear anything you might want to wear again after the party is done, for reasons that should be obvious to you. So when I go to enjoy MYSELF at the party and in the true spirit of THE PARTY I'm throwing paint into the crowd I literally cannot see any reason whatsoever for you to be vexed. The flyer for the party CLEARLY states that there will be paint and water. Why come to the party if you don't plan to indulge in the niceties???

Anyway lets get to the real problem here. When you go to any party at all why is it that you see an empty dance floor and the walls lined with what are apparently wall braces??? You see all these males standing up staring at the females eager to dance and they don't make a move? Coming to parties to stare at people has apparently become the norm. In hindsight you also have some people (females) who go to the party to just dance standing by themselves and as soon as someone comes to dance with them they stop and walk off. Whats the point of that??? You just wanted to see if someone would come whine you for fun??? That ain't winning at all ladies. As if that wasn't bad enough, we are in 2012 and you STILL have man bringing them woman to parties and warring over them because a next man whining her. Quick word of advice people, you don't OWN the woman you don't OWN her body. Its hers. Now I know that some females are like that in the sense that they believe its akin to cheating and quite frankly I'm ok with that cool. What irks me however is the female CLEARLY wants to dance with someone and the man just so happens to be off somewhere either drinking or dancing with another girl!! Yet when he sees her enjoying himself he feel he needs to assert himself and be a douche and come look war with the other person. Where is the point in that??? Just don't bring your girlfriend to the party if your head is messed up in that way. Warring at a party kills it for everyone. Too many parties nowadays are ended prematurely because some asshole doesn't want anyone else to enjoy themselves. The party scene needs to be re-evaluated. It is for this very reason why the government issued such strict curfews. You "hot heads" are the very same one who are causing parties to end earlier and earlier each time. If you cant change your ways at the very least stay home.

THIS is a prime example of people ENJOYING themselves! :D

Closing notes: If all you come to the party to do, is stand up in a corner and drink liquor by yourself and not mingle and socialize, then the best thing you could do is stay home and drink by yourself. Save your money. Bad vibes and party can't mix.



  1. ill never understand you party people logic. granted the douche guy is wrong on every account from the example you give but what give su the right to deem your anonymous penis the one that should grind up on the man girl especially if u know she came to the party wid her man...? lol

    agree with everything concerning the vibes part cause its a party meant to be fun. on the rare occasion i go out i go with my girlfriend cause i like to guarantee my grinding for the night and cut out the bullshit guesswork of trying to figure out who is safe to dance with from who isnt.

  2. Lol no man i not saying you should go and push man out of the way and confiscate his girlfriend enuh. Im simply saying if such man is not around and you happen to go and dance with a girl you dont know is someones girl friend enuh mark you, but if you happen to go take a one dance with her without this knowledge them come back see the girl having fun and tek offence and immediately wants to fight you, thats just not right. The man is not having sex with your girlfriend hes treating her like any other woman present, hes just having a dance with her. The boyfriend should have a calm head and take it easy. Imagine if the table were turned and she saw her man dancing with another woman and intervened the way most men would react to that is to cuss and gwaan bad same way. But its just the way i see it still. If i ever happen to secure a girlfriend and we go out to a dance i wont try to make her dance with me for the whole night. we go to the party to have fun so she can dance with whoever she wants to dance with and id be cool with it. things get wrong however when they try to feel feel all over her however and she does nothing to try and stop it

  3. lol thts some hella circumstantial situation u got thur massah but oh well being in the situation and talking bout it two diff ting. nah lie mi wudda cross fi see sumthin like tht but as a man mi nah go wile the man weh go dance wid her as long as him nah chuck badness a di woman mi have fault wid cause a she fi know har place seh she shudnt a dance wid next man in the first place. and u cant really say bout the man nah have sex with her alwayne cause we bout know the world over jamaican dancing is known to be basically sex with clothes

  4. Well you have a point again :/ i guess as you say its all based on the situation. I concede. Maybe when i find some loophole in your argument i argue it again lol (Y)

  5. lol; its all good. experience breeds wisdom. plus I blog so good at defending my thought process.

  6. i concur. you do blog more than me so you do have a better stand in the way of defense. Plus constructive criticism is always welcome (Y)

  7. lol i dnt think i blog more than you. maybe post more consistently since i do it every monday and friday but your blog been up from before mine a ways. and yea criticism is welcome one way or another

  8. well thats true but even though ive had it longer my posting was veeery inconsistent even back then. But such is the way of life. Good lookin out sir XD

  9. Now that is a cool video! The photos I saw scared me .... felt like a mass orgy! But this video portrayal isn't as wild lol ... No comment on the 'tree branch breaking couple' who obviously did not dance responsibly.

    Hmmn well I do understand the party logic! Though the last party I went to the guys who interacted with me looked for some form of consent (a nod or a lingering stare) I don't say it's wrong to just hold down a girl and start whining n thing but if she says no ... just back off!

    P.S. that my dearest is why you should have been with ME! Bet you'll think twice anotha year :P

    P.P.S. I realize ma thoughts are all over the place but it's Friday and I'm recovering from a hectic work week :!

  10. Lol @Mass Orgy!!! you nuh easy. and yes if the girl says no then fine no problem with that. And Yes i should have come to the party with you :p


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