Friendzone... Again (Short Rant)

So you know that awkward moment when you gather up the courage to tell someone how you feel and then nothing? Person doesn't say a thing in reply??? Yeah, happened again. Sucks doesn't it? What makes these things worse is when they say "Awww  that's sweet... I like you too just... not like that. I like you as a friend".
Now every one has a right to like who they like, and I'm cool with that but ladies, seriously. You say one minute you want a relationship zeen and you say you want someone who you can be yourself with, who you talk to when you have nowhere else to turn to, someone who will be there for you in your time of need. Whats the problem??? You already HAVE someone like that! Worse the person even SAID they like you, and you really want to stand there and say you only like them as a friend???? I don't understand that AT ALL. Better yet i really don't think i WANT to understand it. When this happens you know what they say next???? Well you should since I've said it to you before... "There are no good men nowadays". The problem with this statement is that its false. The problem is not that there aren't any good men, the problem lies in the fact that you ladies are constantly going for the man you KNOW is going to hurt you, cheat on you and all that other crap. You chose to go into a damaging relationship knowing full well the consequences and then have the audacity to say that real men aren't around anymore as if we're an extinct breed.

Well I for one am tired of the crap. Like seriously sick and tired of it. Fuck you and your friend zones. Time to start fresh. You say nice guys don't exist anymore well you have only yourselves to thank for that. You constantly push and push and push them away, no matter how many times they approach you. Why?? Because you all want someone like the actors you see on TV. Well here's a newsflash for you sweetie, those guys that you see on TV are doing exactly that "ACTING". You go ahead, run and turn head over heels for them, why would they want you anyway??? You aren't a model, you aren't a celebrity, you aren't famous in any way whatsoever. From now on I am going to start shutting down my feelings for anyone of you. Unless you are some super special person all you are going to be good for is what you are searching be used...

So ladies... Next time you're sitting and wondering where all the "nice guys" are, they are in the fucking friend zone where you left them


I'm done 

So I leave you with THIS song -___-



  1. *gun shot* Desperately tries to resuscitate!!!!!


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