Friends Of Necessity

Not calling anybodies name but I shall just be saying my piece and going along on my merry way. Oh i ont even be correcting mistakes i make in this with spelling or capitalization or whatever, i just cant be bothered. Any who, on to the main event.

Twas a normal morning in the life of moi, when all of a sudden a wild Skype message appeared. "Did you vote for me already" it surprised me for various reasons but the main one being that me and this person dont really talk any more. But i think weve gottn a bit ahead of ourselves here lets bactrack a little bit to a couple days before that...

Sometime ago....

Le wild skype message appears. "Vote for me plz - [vote link here]" (i cant give you guys the link >.> cuz you'll find out who it is im talking about) any who. Remember i said me and this person dont talk for a while??? Well yeah that was the first message i had recieved from said person in couple months well. True Story. so my reply was this in a nutshell
I dont think anyone could wrong me for that reply right??? Its fuuny tho cuz she replied with
-Kiss up-
I knw
So im sitting there like
What do you know?? and shes like IDK. apparently she didnt understand the meaning behind my str8 face and was tryna play it off. Well i wasnt having it. 

If we go back even further we see where i sent a few tweets... Those went ignored. Sent a couple skype messages and those went ignored as well. Apprently she doesnt use her skype she just loves to sign in -_-

Back to the future

Any who fast forward to this morning. Remember she asked me if i had voted already? Yes? good. So now we can continue. here is the rest of the convo.

[10:27:50 AM] Alwayne: no enuh still vex wid you lil bit
[10:28:19 AM] Her: because?
[10:29:07 AM] Alwayne: How many times ive messaged you and got no response whatsoever and then out of the blue the first thing you say to me is "vote for me"
[10:29:40 AM] Her: umm
[10:29:41 AM] Her: ok
[10:29:48 AM] Her: i dont use this thing
[10:30:02 AM] Her: even tho im signed in
[10:30:07 AM] Her: but kool
[10:30:09 AM] Alwayne: i see
[10:30:32 AM] Her: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[10:30:35 AM] Her: later
[10:31:00 AM] Alwayne: cool, if anything ill at least check out what the whole thing is about in a little bit
[10:32:06 AM] Her: no
[10:32:14 AM] Her: u need not to
[10:32:14 AM] its kool
[10:32:26 AM] Alwayne: :/
[10:32:38 AM] Her: later
[10:32:45 AM] Alwayne: Ok then....

Punto Final

Call me childish for it or whatever i dont really care but do you people see what im saying??? Now even if youre signed in and dont use it as you say. When you get a message on skype you KNOW why? because the tab for it flashes to let you know you have a message waiting. you COULD have replied you could have said something but you chose not to. And now after this long while of you not replying you come to me like that??? 

No boo boo thats not how this thing works. I was considering voting for you at one point but now i definitely wont. Funny thing is tho, even tho she said i shouldnt bother to look at what its about i went and clicked the damn link anyway to satisfy my budding curiosity. Lo and behold tho i remembered i had a friend running for the same thing. I did what any normal person would do i voted for my "REAL friend" instead. I wont be used by your for any reason whatsoever. Ive learned my lesson from a long line of being used. It just aint gonna happen.

Side note: I checked her twitter feed right after we said our goodbyes and a wild tweet appeared. "Im not kissing anyones ass" (i paraphrased, dont remember the exact tweet) anywho, i dont see how you acknowledging your shortcomings is kissing anyones ass. Smh at one point i thought you were better than that but now im glad some of my friends warned me against you. Toodles people



  1. jah know star mi nuh too agree wid the following up argument wid her. shudda just ignored her back and done cause now she feel all high and mighty like u did a beg her friendship. and tht twitter post u reference is probably proof of that. good rant nonetheless i kno how it

  2. You have a point still enuh. But still i have room for more improvement. I'll keep that in mind if by some strange occurence it happens again lol. Thanks sir

  3. Those I like to put in the 'FOC' category (pronounce it as you wish :P) Friend of Convenience ... If I make a post on the conversations I've had with people I could perhaps publish a book .... The last one went like this:

    FOC: Hey you there
    Me: (thinking ... this much be a FOC) *crosses finger behind back* uhm yea but I'm going to bed soon.
    FOC: Oh ok I won't bother you then... I'll ask you to do something for me next time ...
    Me: NO RESPONSE ...*Promptly signs out* (thinking ... I was right .. it is a FOC - Had not spoken to him in MONTHS!) Damn them all!

  4. Poor you DWL!!!!! hush ya *le hug*


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