Psssst, Bitch!

"Pssst", you can hear this sound daily on just about every street corner. It is most often followed by someone shouting or whispering under their breath the word "Bitch". Now when this occurs its usually some guy on the corner sees a cute girl and he's like "Well, I need to get her attention" and so on and so forth. More often than not said "Cute girl" doesn't even give him the time of day and by some mystical occurrence she is transformed from cute girl into a snarling bitch. This phenomenon is beyond my comprehension.
Now first of all, we know that in some instances this could be a playful gesture.... the use of "Psst" not the bitch part we haven't reached there as yet, outside of that however why would you expect a female to actually stop turn around and come back to you because you said "Psst!! Babylove" or "Baby modda come here nuh", why???? It is at best a very crude way of trying to get someones attention. It more often than not sounds like youre trying to spray some breed of insect. Why not instead approach said girl, introduce yourself, strike up a conversation or something!? Why spray her to death? This girl now seeing that you obviously lack any form of tact continues going along her business and ignores your cry for attention, you immediately class her as a bitch or "ole dutty gyal" ......... WHY??? What purpose does that serve???? Are you saying then, that any woman who ignores your calls should then be called a bitch??? Let me ask you this... Suppose one day I spotted your mother and tried to get her attention in the same way and she ignores me....What would happen then if I up and called her a bitch??? All hell would break loose am i correct?? Yes. Suppose it was your sister???? You see where im going with this??? You have no right to class anyone as anything simplye because they choose to ignore feeble attempts at trying to get their attention. Learn to treat girl like you would want any other man to treat your Sister, Daughter and Mother. Step your game up

With all that being said, I shall now depart but I shall leave you with something. I love this song :D You better like it too >.<



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