Freedom: Therein lies the Paradox

First of let me say, this is in no way meant to be a racist banter. So don't even come at me with that. I'm simply stating what is obvious and what some people fail to see.

What is freedom????

Noun: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

Now as you can see from that definition freedom allows us to speak our minds as we see it fit. The government therefore should have no authority over the things which we say we should in no way be restricted. So why is it that they are constantly trying to stifle the voices we have all over the internet with these foolish "Protection Acts". In reality all they are really trying to protect is themselves. They say pirating is wrong, if you download illegal music or software or movies or any piece of copyrighted material you could be fined in the thousand for each one. Now you tell me, who is the pirate???? These laws they are trying to pass are nothing more than cover ups. The way I see it, the only reason they prevent us from seeing certain information is because it would be detrimental to their cause. The people would begin to wise up to their lies and plots and schemes and overthrow them.

The paradox of freedom - to be free we have to have laws that restrict our freedom

If we divert our thoughts elsewhere you see laws which only protect "white" people. Take for example the recent case involving Trayvon Martin. He was killed in cold blood, but because he was killed by a white man it took over a month for said killer to be convicted. What was his reason for killing him???? "He was wearing a hoodie, he looked suspicious." Do you hear this bullshit??? All he was doing was going home from some store nearby with a pack of Skittles and an Iced Tea. Now you tell me THAT'S suspicious??? Now lets for a minute flip the scenario a little bit. White kid walking around with a hoodie over his head, with skittles and iced tea. If by some force of fate a black would have looked at him and thought "Oh shit that kid looks suspicious" and shot him in cold blood, what do you think would have happened??? The whole america would come down on him screaming for justice, with shouts of "Off with his head" or "Kill that dirty nigger!". Yet it took poor Trayvon more than a month to get even the slightest bit of justice. If you look at this even closer you realize that most of what you see reported on the international news, is biased towards the white race. Look how many white supremists are active in america today??? Compare that to ratio of blacks fighting back actively against the whites??? Now tell me how many times have you seen a report of blacks being abused by them in the last few years. Don't worry, i'll wait. Now that youve done that how many times have you seen blacks being charged for Black on White crime??? Go on, i'll wait again. The law clearly states that you can protect yourself if you are being assaulted and yet when Black me try to protect themselves its called Aggravated Assault or Aggravated Murder if it goes too far. BUT if its the other way around "Oh, he just killed him in self defense". Get the picturre?? This racism thing is still active and it wont be going away any time soon. Black people are STILL being oppressed, the thing is we have no voice no way to let our cries heard. The media is controlled by the whites and hence we can get no airtime. Freedom??? We arent free, we are still slaves. 

Freedom is an illusion in our changing world. No one is free, the ones who are the closest to the thing called freedom are those at the very top. You hear everyday people saying "Fight for your freedom", its not something you can fight for. It is not tangible so no matter how hard you fight, you cant attain it. Its basically a state of mind,  you have to tell yourself youre free and live by that thought. Dont let anyone person have control over what you say think or do. The media is what binds us. Telling us that we must have this item, ladies must be a certain figure and size. You have to, as the great Bob Marley said; 

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but yourselves can free your mind". 

WE are the only ones who can fight for our freedom. No amount of wars or the like will bring it any closer. Those battles are nothing more than wasted life. Stand for what you believe in, then you will see freedom start to emerge. Let us stand against these laws which they have in place. As the oppressed commonly say "Fight The Power"

I leave you with this song, listen with open mind



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