Forced to Settle

Go through college get your certification in ur career path, you spend over a million dollars to go to university to get a degree, masters and so on. Then you go out there to find a job in your field hoping to get some experience but you can't because these companies are asking you to come out of school and hit the ground running with five years experience which you obviously don't have. 

So what do you have to do?? You then you have to settle for a job with the same persons who have no degree, who get the same pay if not more than you, JUST so that you can pay the bills and have something to eat. So I ask...Whats the point???

Upon completion you would more than likely expect to automatically jump into whatever it is you spent years of your life trying to get into.

Lo and behold "no vacancy" we don't need anyone right now" "we'll get back to you" "don't call us well call you" and the list goes on.

No jobs are available for you


How is that even possible tho???? 
You were egged on saying such and such persons are in high demand and you'll be a sure fire candidate for the job, yet when you reach there is no spot available??? Something somewhere went terribly wrong. 

There are quite a few reasons still for example everything is being automated, so all the training you did will amount to nothing after a few years and you'll have to be retrained to suit a certain standard. But one point I actually want to bring forward is this

People who are with an organization for years and even after its way past the age of retirement they refuse to step down and give the new generation a fighting chance. Why do they refuse to step down??? Why wont they allow those with fresh minds to take over??? You hear these same people everyday talking about our generation having no drive to achieve and yet they are the same ones who are holding us back, refusing to let us spread our wings. Apparently they cant see the crisis we are in, where it is next to impossible for anyone right now to get a job.

The thing i find extremely funny about this, is that the so called "upstanding" citizens have to sit and wonder for hours on end 
trying to figure out why the crime rate is so high nowadays. Seriously you dont have to look or think that hard, the answer is right in front of you. The youths are crying out for help. The part is, they turn a blind eye and pretend that we dont exist, pretend that everything is fine when in reality it is the exact opposite. 

I am currently unemployed and i can tell you one thing for certain.... It sucks, and the unemployment line is continuing to grow. We, the youth....We ARE the 99% where is our justice?



  1. IKR! All through school I heard 'great field' 'yuh gon rich' 'wow! Really' (followed by the impressed look) after nearly killing off myself to get the degree the responses changed to 'oh' (followed by a pityful look) 'you might have to migrate' 'geee nothing nah gwan deh so ennuh' ....... I really don't get it! and yes I was unemployed for almost 2 years! Sucks doesn't even begin to describe the feeling ma dear!

  2. At least mi know a nuh foolishness maw talk lol but in all seriousness them sittn ya need fi fix up


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