Ole DUTTY Bwoy!! Return of Gaza Man

For all those who have heard of the Dutty Bwoy series brought to you by MentalChung, you should know that his latest instalment has dropped and it lives up to expectations! Had me laughing from the start I swear!! If you dont know what im talking about here it is.

Now im not the biggest follower of Kartel but I have to say kartel go hard in this lol. If you want to see the first five videos i have provided them below.

Dutty Bwoy Episode 1 - Gaza Bleaching

Dutty Bwoy Episode 2 - The Bounty Killer

Dutty Bwoy Episode 3 - Boltman and The Terror of Lord Evil

Dutty Bwoy Episode 4 - Bounty and Beenie Saga

Dutty Bwoy Episode 5 - Gully Takeover

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