Crimson Regret

The blood stains on my hands tell the tale
Of all that took place that fateful day
I don't know what came over me
I just knew that I wanted to watch her bleed

I knocked her out tied her to a chair
The good inside my heart began to rip and tear
I blanked out for a minute but when I came to
The person I was wasn't the person that I once knew
It felt like a movie like I was inside my own mind
Watching a horror movie that was one of a kind
It was a strange experience one I never want to repeat
I watched helplessly I was in a front row seat
I took some barbed wire I made it into a whip
Drew my hands back threw it forward and let it rip
I tore in to her face I saw tears form in her eyes
She awoke with a scream but the wire left a smile
I let it rip again her flesh began to fly
One more time and I tore out her left eye
I decided to change tactics I took a knife to her chest
What came pouring out was the food she didn't digest
The smell of her blood fill my nostrils and my head began to pulse
While slowly but surely she began to convulse
I watched in sweet exstacy as she began to slowly die
But I wasn't finished yet I drew the knife along her inner thigh
It apparently brought her back to life of this I was ecstatic
I donned a set of brass knuckles and bashed her face in with my fists
I decided to end her torture and I grabbed a length of rope
I ever slowly took it and wrapped around her throat
I took the other end and slowly began to pull it tight
Strange enough she didn't even seem to want to fight
So I removed the rope and i retrieved my dullest blade
I slashed at her neck about six times
Before she was decapitated
Of course her body jumped at the same time I blanked out
When I regained my conciousness I began to look about
I was back to normal and now I felt a little regret
I realized that I still hadn't received dinner yet
That is my crimson regret

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  1. DWL Pretty morbid but there are those moments when you totally blank out from reality and into the thoughts of doing some serious damage to someone especially who's wronged you. Lets hope they always remain as thoughts!

  2. :D They will remain only thought i hope :) Thanks again


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