Second Work Day >.< Bah....

Day started out quite uneventful :/
So its 9:50 right now just finished reading the star and now I'm reading the observer. Legal Witchcraft??? O_o smh. Anyway finished reading the observer. I'm bored and have nothing to do :( its 10:11 this is going to be a long day.....

So I can finally say someone started my annoyance meter up again. Woman walks in and ask about her account (oh this was around 10:30 thereabouts). Her account is bad so I signal to the supervisor. She come a whisper to me why me a call the supe fa? Mi ignore her enuh -_-. So di supe come and explain out her thing and went back to what she was doing. So the woman gimme her money but she using a debit card and cash. So mi run her card and posted her money and ting. I give her reciepts and I done wid her. Woman tan up in front mi same way a pree her reciept dem I'm busy over here working (checking uber twitter that is) and woman a come talk bout how she only a see 6000 pan di reciept >.< A four raas reciept mi give the likkle jackass enuh. Me look pan her and say "I gave you FOUR reciepts" then got back to work. I hear her say Oh! And she tan up same way a pree in front a me. Den me hear her mutter supm under her breath but mi a say to myself say a cyaa me she a talk to cuz mi just done explain it to her. So me deh ya a work same way totally oblivious to her. All a sudden mi hear her say say "'Hello!! Can you explain this to me!" I'm like "'huh?" (Meter reach bout half ya now) so I go to take the reciepts one more time and explain to the monkey and as mi hand touch the paper fi tek it from her she pull it back and say "Ohhhh!! I get it now why you never tell me that in the first place?" You know say mi cut mi eye dem after her and got back to work tho -_-
Tssk I hate stupid people they make me look smart >.<
Oh it 10:54 by the way for whoever following this.
12:00 went to buy lunch
12:10 got lunch
12:16 finished
12:30 heard a coworker say that a marshmallow tasted like making love O_O" #Dead this was said while I was registering a desktop
1:50 I gotta pee :( *goes to pee*
So when I finished my pee :) I came back to my station and opened up fruity loops and started a beat. But I got bored with that one so I saved it and started another beat :D. Although the pile of unfinished beats is getting bigger :'(
On a different note however almost 3:00 and a lady steps to me with her daughter to make a purchase. Never get fi see the daughter so good but she had C-cups :) straightened hair but her head seemed to be on the "largish size"
4:00 pissed the fuck off!! >.< Damn people a come fuck up my day off fi accept goods so now mi ago haffi get up tomorrow fi no damn reason all cause dem HAFFI tek raas truck on my fucking day off!!! A hope dem know I will be fucking late!!!! Tsssssk #Bringle
4:25 still seething >.< Side note tho saw Erin in her uniform boobs still big in them nice lips too so I'm now only about 70% pissed oh the calming power breasts have over me! It should be a sin or even medicinal practice #Imjustsaying
Oh yeah between 3:30 or thereabouts and 4 I wrote a poem :$ :) titled Crimson Regret its sorta gory but ending I added a lil humour so its not that bad I pwomise :) it will be posted after this. I'm still pissed tho #thatisall
And here I thought the day would be uneventful. Now I find out I have to stay after work for a friggin meeting.....just keeps getting better and better tsssk
5:30 meeting still nuh start yet -____-
6:44 Home
About to post this damn thing -_-
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