Benz...Pum Pum????? and the Power of...Cake Soap????

So Kartel has Jamaica wrapped so much around his fingers that any piece of shit he speaks is automatically a hit. And no matter what it is he says he will always have someone listening, no matter what he does someone follows. Now, he has a song called "Benz Punani" and from the day it drop till now!!! Ebry gyal a talk bout dem have benz pum pum and which gyal a taxi and so on and so forth. Basically putting a price on the pussy, Nuh true??? Kartel a call unno gold digger and unno nuh notice it!! I saw on another blog (link will be here when i remember which blog it is) how she mentioned that she doesnt have a benz punani. Why?? because her pussy is priceless. And this is right!!
  You should NOT be able to put a price on someone. That is just wrong. Maybe im reading into it too much or maybe not but thats just it. Now a little while ago i saw a post on facebook and it put this in a slightly different perspective. a Benz is a car is it not?? Cars are meant to drive right??? So since we establish that the Pums = Benz and Benz = Car and Car=Drive we can equate Driving to Sex/Fucking right??? Right. Good. So now another establishment to make is how many people can you carry around in a car at any time??? 4, 5?? maybe six if you squeeze a bit. Correct?? so with all that said you nuh see a whore unno a whore out??? A carry round 5-6 man and a fuck out them daylights one time!!!

     Shame on unno shame shame. and shame on kartel to!! As a Fatter O Mact speaking of Kartel you and this whole cake soap saga need fi done now enuh >.> Bout cake soap mek you brown. Pussy you bleach!!! But see di ting me know whe you a do!!! A money you a try mek offa we!! sing tune Bout clarks and clarks price raise now you come sing bout cake soap fi mek excuse fi you bleaching and whapm?? PRICE RAISE!!! well hear wha Missa Cake Soap King you betta nuh tek you rawse self a sing bout none a my favourite food dem enuh!! a wont even list dem next ting you know tomorrow you buss song whe hab sittn fi do wid chicken and flour an.....shit Mi just name two!!!!! Dammit!! Easy you self enuh boss cause me and you wi war!! AWOH!!!! <<< Yes Mi use you own slang gainst you!!!

Same Views Different Explanation >>>> Clarks, Benz & Cake Soap : The Kartel Syndrome

The Truth Of The Matter Is, The Truth Does Not Matter.



  1. I thought I was the only one that notice this mind set conspiracy/ brainwash. I mean I like his early songs but when it reach the point where his entourage are all calling him "Dawdy"; it took me aback; does that mean that they should call him daddy. It makes everyone in his crew look like a bunch a ol' bitches; no wonder Rhino took a hike. It was when he started wid dis clarks crap when I started to notice when everyone was really stupid to follow up the hype and that the media would as far to follow he to the ends of earth and back to oblivion. Conclusively, clarks prices went up ranging from 9 - 12 grand, but I forgot -- I fucking hate Clarks(they look like big ugly loafs of bread on ur feet). Then now, here comes the bleaching king; he looks more like an alien on crack. His lips are as black as crushed shit. I dont kno who he is trying to fool. Looking so fagadocious while refering to himself as always in the third person stating that it's the cake soap that he's using and that it makes his skin silky smooth and clean for the ladies---bullshit. BOSS, YUH AHH FUCKIN BLEACH!!!!! Now as for de pumpum=benz part; mi have no comment pon dat....all mi kno is that women nowadays nuh have no self respect. That's all i can say from proud fi seh dem have benz pumpum, yuh mus kno seh she nuh bright and have fi breed before the week past during the release of dis song.
    Fi real boss, alla ah wah yuh ah seh ah de truth.

  2. Thank you for your insight XD and yeah its all hes doing. My theory is hes always been a fag but the thing is him did a try get people fi follow him so closely that they would follow basically anything he did without question and then buss the secret. that why mi feel seh him have problem when the story bout lisa hype a suck him hood buss. neva wha associate wid woman

  3. Wow wow wow yah! I'm totally disgusted by that man but more-so by the fact that people are so taken by him *rubs eyes* When that Kartel dating show came on I wanted to find those girls and box some common sense into them!

    Interesting analysis of the Benz Punz ... makes a whole lot of sense but it seems that everyone has gone out of their bloody minds and even if they ever looked at it in this light I'm afraid they'll still have some way of justifying it.

  4. You speak words of wisdom. Im glad youre not one of the majority who follow his every word but part of the minority who have a mind of their own (Y)


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