The Darkness Within

Look inside of my heart, look deep within my soul
The goodness and joy within me has disappeared
This darkness has taken over, the darkside is my new light
My heart is blackened and shaped in hatred

Sorrow and pain are all I can feel
I have succumbed to the evil within
The mask I used to wear has been shattered by the power of the evil released
The new age has dawned upon my life
Some thing which I have no control over
But something I have gladly embraced
I feel strong when I am weak and I no longer worry about the what could have been
I think only now of the what will be done
What I am
What I will become
This darkness is like a drug and I am the addict
I have finally found my new addiction
What my body so deeply desires
I see my self living shrouded in this cloak
Rejected by the world
But accepted by the powers that be
The lingering fragment of good fading away over time
Never to feel the burden of love anymore
Unconcerned for the pain of others
Cutting down anyone who would even dare to cross my path
No more will I be walked on, I will no longer be a stepping stone
I will spread my wings black as night
Head turned up and to the future
Pushing myself forward
To be the being I have repressed for so long
The one I have locked away for a large portion of my life
Let the evil spread forth and my true identity be realized
Pain, suffering, hurt, death, destruction
These are all apart of who I am
A part of me
I am the bodily incarnation of all of these things
I am me....
Come forth
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