Yuh Just DASH Mi Whe (Brain Fart)

See the title????? I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has had those words thrown at them right???? I absolutely HATE when people say that to me -____- it totally pisses me off. Yuh just DASH mi whe! You want to know something interesting??? Its ALWAYS females who use it! I bet a vast minority of you females have heard a male say it to  you i bet. Don't say you have, you're lying. I wonder though, why do you think you've been thrown away???? Do you class yourselves as garbage perhaps???? It really makes you wonder doesn't it. Whats really funny about the whole situation is this.

It takes two to tango, meaning. you have my contact information and i have yours and thus communication is possible. Correct? so why is it then, that you find it so hard to initiate a conversation???? Why cant you start the line of communication going for once??? Its funny because it seems that if I don't start the conversation with you we never talk. So i really don't see the problem. I don't have anything to talk to you about so why should i waste my time and resources have random banter with you???? What makes it even funnier is that fact that, even though I've supposedly "Dash Yuh Whe" the very first thing you say to me in our first conversation since said disposal is "Yuh Dash Mi Whe". Do you really think that i would actually want to continue a conversation with you after that???? The way i see it, you probably do need to be thrown away. Not a very good way to make me miss our boring conversations is it??? Communication goes both ways

So seeing that you insist on being garbage and went ahead and classed yourself as such I might as well do my duty and properly dispose of the trash

This brain fart has been brought to you by 

because Yuh Dash Mi Whe -_- dont want you back. Call me :)



  1. Not quite a 'brain fart', more of a rant. Fair enough, everyone has their pet peeves. But I know personally, I've only ever said it as a joke. It's just something people say. Maybe it used to have a meaning but these days it's just something people say to tease each other - if that offends you, so be it. There's no one way to interpret a phrase like that.

  2. Brain fart, rant, they can go hand in hand in this instance. I get that some people do say it as a joke but i also know some people, quite a few actually who are dead serious about it.


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