What Makes A Person A Freak???

     Hello one and all, I'm here again with another wonderful and insightful post. The topic on hand is Freaks, and what various little quirks about a person gives them the classification of being Freaky. Before you go any further please note this post is NSFW. IE: Not Safe For Work. If you understand that then lets begin.

     So you all may have some vague description in your mind about who and what a freak may be. However I wish to clarify which variety of Freaks this post is referring to. That certain variety is the ever controversial "Sex Freaks. With that being said I ask the question again: What Makes A Person A Freak?

What Makes A Person A Freak?

The History: As Told By Me

     Beginning from way back in the day, Sex was a thing done between a man and his wife. Some couples however, deviated and began to have sex out of wedlock. Thus were the beginnings of "The Freak". You may say there is nothing freaky in that but you will begin to understand my mindset in a little bit, bare with me. So people started little by little having sex outside of marriage and it became a norm and thus was lost the freaky aspect of the whole ordeal. Later on down the line you had people who not only had sex outside of marriage but you had people participating in mass orgies and sex with people of the same gender. Although not progressing as quickly as sex outside of marriage these acts of "freakiness" grew ever popular.
     If we fast forward a little to our modern-day you see another trend that emerged slowly but surely. Note however this trend is in no way anything new, it was just however kept under-wraps for the most part. Listen to the following:

Exhibit A

Freaky Gyal Part 1

Exhibit B

Freaky Gyal Part 2

Freaks Unleashed

     The Jamaican "Gaza Man" Vybz Kartel or as he fondly calls himself "Worl Boss" has single-handedly brought alot of undercover freaks into the light with this song. "Freaky Gyal part 1" talks about a girl who wishes to "suck the cocky" of a certain male. With that understanding we can deduce the acts of freakiness being portrayed as Oral Sex. Kartel himself, being the overly controversial artist that he is, not only uncovered the Orally Fixated freaks, but created a new breed of them in the same breath. Due to his influence here in Jamaica, many of those who listen to his songs and take them to heart began to "experiment". Thus we created a new norm as it stands with sex.
     With that being said you could say this is a case of Celebrity Dick Riding in its truest form. What I mean is this; Before Kartel (in the case of Jamaica) many people would'nt dare to let their name be called in the same sentence with the word Freak, but the minute he sings a song about it and accepting it slowly but surely everyone begins to accept it. Some move from accepting it to even becoming the freaks they shunned prior to the songs release.

Juanita Says:

     A freak in bed is a person who does things that are not necessarily the norm, mundane acts like being adventurous and spontaneous with your partner. And if you are doing things to please your partner, and enjoying yourself, without being uptight or nervous, you will be unforgettable.
     Obviously, the definition will vary from person to person based on one's level of experience. Oral sex seems kinda freaky the first time you try it, does it not? That doesn't mean there aren't some universal qualities that most people would agree define the rare, prized "freak in the sheets."
     “She's comfortable with her body, enjoys being naked, and doesn't worry about a guy judging how she looks or smells or tastes. She has no shame or hang ups about sex—she'll talk dirty, get busy with the lights on, pleasure herself while her guy watches. She knows she's good in bed, and loves to reaffirm it every time she gets horizontal with a guy.” One would call her a freak.
     A true freak is passionate about sex, but I do not mean your basic, garden-variety passion that everyone thinks they possess. I am talking about someone who is completely sold out to the sexual encounter at that moment, giving every shred of their body and soul and energy. A freak does not hold back—they are like the Tasmanian Devil 'twixt the bed linens. Whatever they do, they do it balls to the wall and without hesitation, distraction, judgment or regret. When you get with them, you better bring your A-game, because they never leave home without theirs. When it is over, you might leave their bed sore, bruised, sweating, even bleeding, but you will also be a sated ball of blissed-out goo.
     There are other qualities that contribute to high sexual achievement—selflessness, stamina, creativity, others. I simply describe the ideal; how you pursue it in your quest for what freakiness is, as they say, limited only by your imagination and your libido.

J. Grizzle

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What Others Had To Say

One person said:
I’ve never been one to call myself a freak. It’s how I operate. I get that from of guys and tell them “There’s nothing freaky about it, just something you’re not use to.” I guess if a met someone who wanted to give me foot massages in the middle of the public library, hah, I’d think he was a freak. If it (a fetish, a request, a command in the middle of sex) catches you off guard, you’re more than likely to write the person off as a freak. If you communicate beforehand, your freak flag just looks a bit brighter than the others.
Another person had this to say:

There are different types of “freaks” like neat freak or a person whose physical appearance is abnormal…however the freak I speak of is a sexual freak. People say a freak is someone who does things that is unusual or uncommon to a majority. things such as WHIPS & CHAINS and the big O…ORAL SEX!!! whether its behind curtains or up front who nah tek or give oral sex??? which gurl or guy doesnt like being pierced to the bed or dragged by the hair or held by the neck or spanked on the ass (soft dominatrix)…who doesnt..WHO DOESNT??!!! GUESS WHAT U’RE THE FREAK!! if a majority is doing something it can no longer be called freaky..when a person ask me are u a freak i say..what do U call freaky bcuz to me whats freaky anymore if everyone is doing it. a man might be insecure n around his frens him bun out this an that but him nah bun out the fact seh wen him a insert n slip n go in the wrong hole, him gwaan bill deh so..lol or the gurl weh bun out lesbians but only watch lesbian porn..#contradicting much. ppl have their likes n dislikes but dont scorn ppl bcuz u’re the freak :)
Shawney Says:

Being extremely adventurous sexually…willing to try new stuff….I think you have different type…like stuff for starters who wont go further than orals….and you have maybe intermediate who will have sex in public..an those sort a things…and you have like the persons who are maybe full throttle or supm…they do anal…videos an there is jus no limit to anything…its jus anything that they can imagine…

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  1. people didn't mind being called a freak a long time ago before even kartel was a DJ,he just put a nasty outlook on it.whether or not we as Jamaicans like it Gays n freaks have been around for ages living with us in our societie,so with or without Kartel they would've come out.whatever u do in the bedroom should stays in the bedroom today's society does not embrace that y because of a song.stop being influenced

    1. People were being called so before yes, but the actual accepting of the title wasn't as widespread as it is now :p


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