Automatically a Pervert? (Brain Fart)

     Welcome again one and all to yet again, another spur of the moment blog post. I shall be filing this under brain fart... just because I can. So what we are looking at today is nothing major but just something I've come to notice more and more as the days go by. So lets get to it then...
     Now I am a male, and for reasons genetically coded into me pre-birth I am physically attracted to the female body. As a young child growing up I became more and more aware of and as a consequence more and more fascinated with the mammary glands. IE: Breasts. I know I'm not alone on this. So heres where it gets intriguing. Females nowadays... and even in older times, have always been looking for more and more ways to push their breasts out further and squeeze them closer together to make them look more appealing. Correct? Good. Back to more recent times we see that they not only try to push them up and squeeze them together but they also make a very strong effort to show as much of them as possible. With all the squeezing and pushing and showing, we meet my good friend Cleavage.

     Me and cleavage have a very good, long-standing relationship. Its so good in fact, that when I see her my face immediately lights up. I'm sure when any of you meet any of your good good friends your face lights up just as much. The problem now is this. Once I meet my friend cleavage, most females tend to draw back and hide her then they spew these acidic words from their mouths: "Eeeeeww PERVERT!!!" What did I do wrong??? Its not as if I went over and touched you or anything... I simply smiled. What's worse is that you had your breasts out on display. What normal hot-blooded young man WOULDN'T look?? Heck, I know some females who share my sentiments. So again the question arises. What exactly is so wrong with me exercising my right to point my eyes where ever I please? I really wish to know.

     Moving on however I broach upon a similar topic. This would be the females who constantly wear these extremely short, skimpy skirts out in public. Now don't get me wrong, that's more eye candy for me, what I would like to know however is this; When you were getting dressed in your house or wherever, I'm almost positive you took a look in the mirror and noticed how short it was. As a matter of fact you KNEW how short it was just by looking at it, you didn't have to put it on to tell. So can one of you PLEASE tell me why is it, when you're walking in the aforementioned attire, that you are constantly looking to pull it down and try to cover yourself??? You KNOW its not going to work so why bother? You literally have NO excuse whatsoever. Unless you were trying it on for fun and your house suddenly caught on fire and all your other clothes got incinerated and you had to run out in it then you have no excuse. You made a mental note while putting it on that YES you are going to turn heads today. That's exactly what you did. So what's the big problem????

     So here's what I want you to take from this then. We arent perverts, we simply obey our most baser of instincts for the most part. If we are in fact perverts then I would assume that it's safe to say that all females are Voyeurs. Am I right??? Who knows. Lastly I personally don't like being called a pervert so if you MUST call me so I've come up with a viable replacement term. It is a Female Body Appreciator or FBA for short. I like it better plus its a mouthful so you'll probably think twice about using it. With that said I take my leave. Later.

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  1. Personally not much of a fan of cleavage; but i get what you are saying. I know that smiling feeling very well when i see some quality booty on a girl. I don't mind being called a pervert because at the end of the day to me being a pervert isn't a bad thing. Just means i'm honest and educated enough to know what excites me. But as with all things in life it is to be taken into context as perversions are many and vast in this world.

    1. I understand lol, I'm one of the few who loves the breasts more than the ass. I get what youre saying though. And i see that you understand what im saying as well. XD :t

  2. i loved boobies of 18 years and matured ladies just loved to feel them ,rub my tool over them....mmm its too hot man

    1. TMI there lol but thanks? i guess... Everyone should love boobs the way i see it :b


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