Males Vs Female: Sexually Expressive

     Hello again one and all, I have kept you waiting for a good while now for a new post, and you shall have it. Today in this wonderment which is my mind, we try to answer the following question: Why is it 100 times more acceptable for a male to express his sexuality than a female? So without further ado, lets jump right into it then.

     The first order of business therefore is to make two Important, but subtle distinctions. In the case of a man, he’s allowed to express his sexual WANTS and desires, but not his sexuality… lest he be a pervert, a creep, freak, gay, etc. Men are pretty much desexualized in this culture. On the other hand, women are allowed to express their sexuality to an extent, but not her sexual wants and desires… lest she be a slut, whore, etc. Women’s sexual need isn't readily recognized in this culture. This carries us back to my previous post: The Great Debate: Males VS Females
     Now here's a crazy theory… “If everyone is sexualized, then no one is.” You get where I'm going with this???? If the whole façade of sexualization is dropped then this whole mess/drama can be avoided. Men’s apparent need to express their sexual wants and desires is closely tied to their cultural desexualiztion, and women’s lack of allowance to express their wants and desires.

     If women are just allowed to express their sexual wants and desires while most of the male population is by default… not sexy by our ridiculous cultural standards then not much if anything at all will be better for most of the male population. There are two main reasons we may say this began in the first place: (1)Conservative men oppress it due to the belief that once women embrace their sexuality, their minds and egos will cause them to “overstep their bounds” (2)Women discourage it by calling each other “sluts”. Hence we see the inception of slut shaming. Also, women’s default sexualization lends to the need for the woman to be constantly hit on and whatnot. All these problems are so closely tied in a tangled mess, that at times it may be hard for you to tell whether or not something is directly linked to sexualization or not. We first have to understand how it all works. The system as it is, is flawed, thus we as able, thinking people need to de-construct it. Every one of us.

     There are stigmas that follow both men and women. Why is it that if a woman expresses her sexuality she’s a whore? Why is it that if a man expresses his feelings, he’s a punk? Why is it that a man has to have all the top of the line clothing but a woman can wear a $1 sun dress and be loved up and down the street? We all have our stigmas that we have to deal with.
     So have we come to realize why all this is so??? It's easy, because men have made it be known that we find that distasteful while in CERTAIN cases women who don’t have the confidence to stand up for themselves allow that behavior. So that when a man is being "slutatious" it’s viewed as “just a man being a man” but when a women does it she’s considered a slut. This is apparently because girls are supposed to look pretty and be good little things that are for the sexual enjoyment of men. They aren’t "allowed" to have their own desires. This is why music like “I'm sexy and I know it” and “I'm bringing sexy back”… as silly as it seems, are KIND OF culturally important, progressive and transgressive. So in a sense, what it all boils down to is this: Men like sexual women, but women (a large percentage of) don't like sexual men. Do you agree??? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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