Those Offline Messengers...

     You may have figured out by now that I am sort of a ranter (if that is really a word), and I am here with another short rant today. Its about something I really hate. I don't know why I hate it I just know that I do. The subject matter on which I shall be talking about is "People who appear offline but want to hold conversations". I guess you could say its one of my pet peeves.
     Now I know that sometimes you don't want to appear online because of course you don't want to talk to EVERYONE who is on your list. That's all fine and good, but when you make a habit of of always appearing offline then you know something is definitely wrong. The whole purpose of having an instant messenger is to enable quick and easy communication. So the only reason I can see for you to be always appearing offline is because you're hiding from someone. If you don't want someone to know you are online just delete them or just stay offline full-stop. Its as simple as that.
     Okay so you may be wondering... Why exactly dont I like having conversations with these people. I myself am still not entirely sure. Like I said earlier it just annoys me, but because I'm such an awesome person I came up with at least one. Here it is....


     Imagine having a conversation with someone who is appearing offline right.... Convo is going wonderful and everything, when all of a sudden there is a sudden lapse. No replies are forthcoming or anything. You begin to wonder. Was it something I said??? Did you go somewhere?? Internet dropped??? Some guy snuck into your house knocked you over the head threw you over their shoulder placed a ransom note in your kitchen, put you in his inconspicuous white mini van and drove off with you into the night??? WHAT!!!???? See where I'm going with this??? You dont know what happens and you're there sitting there...waiting.

     Of course I'm speaking from experience as someone I was talking with did this to me before. They just disappeared without even the common courtesy to say they were leaving. Also due to the fact that they were appearing offline I oblivious to the fact until said person signed in the next day and told me they went out. From tat day I decided never again. Now I dont know about you guys but its rather irksome to say the least when someone just leaves you hanging like that. If this person was online in the first place and went out at least I would see that they did in fact sign out. Still a rude ass bitch for not saying youre gone but I wouldn't be sitting waiting for your sorry ass to reply once I see youre gone offline now would I???

Final Words

     So basically what I'm saying is this: If you plan to add me on any messaging medium and appear offline 99% of the time, just don't even bother ok... Just dont. I really cant be bothered to deal with it. Most of you might say I'm stupid for it or whatever but it is what it is. If you want to add me however and have some awesome conversations while online then go right ahead. If you are in my contacts already and have suddenly adopted this habit then you probably will begin to be ignored until I start cleaning house and delete you. It will be no skin off my back whatsoever. If you see things the way I do then this probably ties in with another of my peeves. IE: "You Just Dash Me Whe" When in fact its because youre  constantly appearing offline that I dont know whether to strike up a convo or not. Guess what I'm saying is just delete your account and save everyone the trouble. So um... bye *appears offline*

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