Dating: Is Sex Important in Relationships?

     Welcome, welcome once again I have a veeeeery short post for you today. Is sex important in relationships????? Not at all... Okay who am I kidding of course it is. Sex should however not be the answer to all your problems. Let sex be the question and Yes be the answer... Lets begin :)
DISCLAIMER: This post should be taken lightly. Twas done purely out of boredom and for your reading pleasure. I am not to be taken as a reference or council when it comes to the matter of relationships.

NB: Although the Disclaimer clearly states that this was done purely in jest, there are still some pretty valid points to be had.

     You always hear people say that actions speak louder than words, right??? So if that's the case we can therefore deduce that telling someone you "love" them has very little meaning. In that case the only other alternative is for you to do something more... tangible, physical IE: Sex.
     In the world of today the word love is loosely flung around and has as a result lost it value and meaning. It has become so bad that people of our time and generation have come to the conclusion that sex is the best way to show you love someone.You get where I'm going with this so far? So if we take the fact that sex is the go-to form of "love" then it would seem quite logical that everyone, or at least almost everyone anyway, seeks out people to have sex with because they want to be loved. Moving on we see that love is something that obviously has to be present for a relationship to survive. Seeing that we've already come to grips with the fact that "Love" now in these modern times means sex then I could safely end here by saying Sex is a DEFINITE must have in relationships. With all that said and done, depending on how this is received I may or may not do a more serious post on this same topic.

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