Blackberry Etiquette.... Now You Know

So we have gone over Twitter Etiquette and we have gone over Facebook Etiquette but there's yet another form of communication in which quite a few people need a bit of drawing up in, and that is as the title states Blackberry Etiquette (I will not into as much detail with this one as with the previous two.) Now we all know that the Blackberry is a Smart Phone but even the smartest phone in the world is stupid in the hands of a worthless user. Not saying all of them are the same or you all are stupid or that I am better than you all but this is the way that I see it.

1: If you post your pin all over the web expect to see numerous requests. Its no fault of anyone but yourself so don't complain

2: If you HAVE a blackberry I think it would help if you actually HAVE the Blackberry Plan activated. If not might as well you get any other phone besides the berry as it is basically nothing but a phone without it

3: Broadcasts are a very touchy topic. The thing is a blackberry IS a blackberry and the Broadcast Messaging is a built in feature therefore it was put the to be used. On the other hand you have a set of users who will add the world on the handheld and never utter a word written in black text, but every minute of the day you can depend on them to broadcast stupidness. An example of such being the all famous "Broadcast or lose your service" (I paraphrased here but you get the picture) HAVE SENSE!!!! If you absolutely MUST broadcast it would be wise to use filters. BROADCAST RESPONSIBLY

4: If I give you MY pin don't go giving it to anybody without my consent #ThatAintRight

5: If you send me a message and I don't reply there is most likely a reason for it so settle you little self and wait till I reply don't rush me

6: Don't start a convo with PING!!! Cuz that's where the convo will end #ImJustSaying

And So this concludes my post on BB Etiquette.... Post your input in the comment box below
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