This Is Me

     Hi my name is Brady Alwayne Brown. I was born in Mandeville, Manchester JM. on the 3rd Day Of The 3rd Month in the 89 year of my century. At the time im a single 22 year old. This post was just my mind taking the better of me and telling me write something so this is it. So if it makes no sense to you at all jut know that it makes no sense to me either. Wherever my mind and fingers take me thats where i will go. 

     In my life time the amount "Special Someones" Ive had that i actually thought meant something to me i could count on three fingers. Their names are A_ _ _ _ _ _  , K_ _ _ _ _ _ and S_ _ _ _  (fill in the blanks if you can) apparently though i somehow couldnt fill out their checklist of requirements and they just...disappeared. No matter how i try this seems to always be the case. Now im constantly hearing ladies/women/girls, the feminine slice of the human race stating all the things/qualitites they want their man to have, and at the same time saying the things they want him not to have. Personally i dont try to read into what females say too much nowadays because in reality women have no clue what it is that they really want. You will constantly here women saying there arent any good single guys around anywhere when there are hundreds of guys (myself included) looking for a genuine woman to share their lives with. Yet the moment those guys make an approach to them they blow them off saying they are too soft, or they just cant keep up with my schedule (or something along those lines). So who do they head to?? The man who mistreats her cheats on her uses her, while the one who would give her the world and then some is left wondering where he went wrong and how he could change that. But here is where this circle of life continues that same guy (not all the time) will end up becoming exactly like the guy his heartbeat left him for if not worse. Once he has made this change his goal is more often than not to see all females hurting as much as he had. So what does he do?? He messes with as many hearts as he possibly can and so the circle continues.

In my case, im at the point of transition between being hurt and doing the hurting. Its a point i dont want to reach but if it must be done it must be done. 

Another thing about me is i cant seem to accept females that smoke. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world and have all the males fawning over your goddess like looks but the minute you put a smoke to your lips you have made yourself ugly in my book. What do you posibly find good looking about speeding up your time of death??? Or did you just happen to not know that smoking destroys your body???? With that beig said i will add that due to this there are quite a few girls i can cross off my list of potentials (if i even have such a list).

To Be Continued........ 



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