My Bucket List

Alwaynes Bucket List

Now we all know what a bucket list is...or at least we should.....if not your probably ready to kick the bucket now *gives bucket and wait for you to kick* ( CLICK ME ) for those of you who do know what it is already ignore that link and continue reading (bet you seh all a unuh click the damn link -_- disobedient shits)
Here is my list... this will be 100 if i have anymore ill do a part 2

1. Write Up A Bucket List:

Seeing that a list can have any number of items within its confines its safe to say that with just that entry alone, i have successfully completed a simple bucket list and can therefore strike out that entry and mark it as complete

2. Travel The world:

Now When Alwayne says travel the world it may differ immensly from your definition. I just want to go to strange places and learn new things in those places. Find some women (If im not married at the time) and "Learn" New things

3. Have Sex With some famous women:

Yeah i said women not woman due to the fact that i fancy more than one i want to sleep with more than one ;) i mean who wouldnt???? anyway there is another post located somewhere around...... >> HERE << these are just a few i would sleep with with ;)

4. Crash a wedding:

YES!!!! >:) i wanna crash a wedding. You wedding crashers??? The movie where they... oh nevermind just know i wanna do that >:)

5. Get Wasted:

Now before you cuss and gwaan bad bout this and that and all the above listen when mi talk. I want to be SOOOOO wasted that i wont know what i did for about a month before im sober again :)


Im gonna buy me a super car, and power it up even more and you guessed it. Im gonna get the cops to chase me somehow. you know Like Need For Speed Most Wanted? Yeah That

7. Skydiving:

Ive always seen it on T.V. and thought i wonder how it feels to actually be in a complete free fall how many miles up in the air. So id do this for the thrill of it.

8. Kill Someone:

*Hides Face* No further questions >.< *hides gun* #MovingOn

9. Meet All My Twitter Friends

Might not sound like much but yeah i want to meet all the people i converse with on that site heck ill even throw in some facebook ones too :) Should be interesting to see how we all act when the computer is not hiding us from each other

10. Enjoy Life:

As in sure its possible to enjoy life right now. But imagine not having to work having no worries about where the next dollar is coming from??? The Next Meal??? Being able to get up and go anywhere anytime anycost??? Just be able to do anything you want to do. Yeah That.

11. Go Skinny Dipping:

It should be fun id probably carry @OMG_Cami with me *covers face* Um Yeah... *splurts*

12. Deep Sea Diving:

So i already said i wanna go High Up and do skydiving. So i guess it would only be fit for me to go deep as well. So Deep Sea Diving would be the best choice :) dont think id want to go in any caves :S too easy to lose ya self

13. Work With A Band:

Id like to produce a beat used by a band like Linkin Park. If not id love to produce something for Eminem to rap on. #Accomplishment

14. Settle Down:

Many of you would find this out of place but i seriously would want to find a girl to be my wife #KanyeShrug dont really care what anyone else has to say about this one. #OnToTheNextOne

15. Explore The Bermuda Triangle:

I should probably save this one for last though. Might never come back if i go there :D and so the list would be forfeit. But look at it this way suppose i do manage to come back???? I would be one rich nigga :D

16. Learn Martial Arts:

From i was a little kid growing up ive always fancied watching those martial arts movies. I have always wanted to learn the moves i see them do and then some. So it would only be fitting i have this on my list

17. Build A Time Machine:

Either I Build a time machine or live long enough to see a working one. I may probably disappear or cause the next apocalypse but id have fun doing it while jumping through different Aeons

18. Learn All The Worlds Languages

First of let me say i was NEVER good at spanish in high school on account of i did not want to do it at the time. I wanted to do french but would they let me? NOOOO -_- and so i decided to not learn it. But now i want to as well as all the other languages people of different nations speak. I know i probably may not learn everyone but i can learn a few

19. Visit and Explore The Pyramids:

I want to see and experience all that history has to offer through the ruin who knows what i may happen upon???

20. See World Peace:

Many Wars have been fought in the name of bringing forth world peace, Yet to this day we are still at war. would personally love to see the day when we can truly say we are at peace. This wish is exemplified by the quote whose author eludes me at the moment....
"When Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power THEN The World Shall Know Peace"

21. Join The Mile High Club:

Now if you reading this list and you dont know what the hell the Mile High Club is...Then You need to get out more.... Seriously!!! "/. With that out of the way Who wouldnt want to be on a _ _ _ _ _ how many MILES up and have sex!!! Should be thrilling!! Most of the thrill comes from the fact that at any moment you and your partner could be discovered!! XD

22. One Word - DISNEY

I wanna go to DisneyLand and Go on EVERYSINGLERIDE!!!! eat all the different varieties of food, drink all the varieties of drink and throw em all up!!! Yeah!!!! #BadAss with that #TigerBlood

23. Do The Baby Making Ritual .... IN A CHURCH!!!

*Description Unavailable* >;)

24. Join The Mafia:

No one would mess with me then :) Imagine a guy like me slinging bullets left and right jump kicking niggas cutting throats!! >:) .. ok we can all wake up now but it would be fun....Come on admit it >.<

25. Sex Outside:

Did i forget to mention In the Rain!!! :) The feeling of the rain on the skin is tantalizing in itself but imagine having sex with someone in it!! As a matter of fact have a threesome in the rain!! The Feeling would be exhilarating.... Plus youd have a bath at the same time :D (Still bathe after tho O_O ya nasties >.> )

26. Publish Some Of My Written Works:

Yes People I WRITE -___- I Write Poems and Ive actually started writing a book, But due to somethings (I think i havd A.D.H.D) i can never seem to get around to doing it.....

27. Scare Some Screenwriters:

Show Of Hands who have not seen Freddy Vs Jason?? Or any of the other installments....
*crickets* okay
I want to dress up as The characters and scare the people who had a hand in writing and producing the movie :) Would be totally epic!!! :D well maybe not but id have fun doin it "/

28. Enter The Matrix:

Ive seen the movie ive seen how it functions all i have to is get a thingamagig and place in my head then get a doohicky and attach to a super computer of an array of less powerful pcs and bam *does the matrix* Yeah *basks in awesomeness*

29. Kill The Tooth Fairy:

No in all fairness shes never really done anything to me persay, nothing except for the fact that she never pay me yet!!!! >.< You know how hard i worked to make those teeth fall out!!!! and what did i get for all my hard work??? Missing teeth with no funds #Peeved

30. Kill Cupid:

That little bastard child >.< Ever a shoot me and figet fi shoot the girl making me look like a fool >.> id take his arrow and shoot him then shoot medusa. Make him see what it feels like to be hard and cyaa do nothing bout it -___-

31. Dream House:

Plan It Build It Live In It and Consumate the ultimate Forms of sex in every room!!!!

32. Porno:

Maybe Just one yeah just one..... with a ton o girls!!!!

33. Serial Killer:

Well when you have an itch and killing someone is the only way to do it and it has to be done to specifications each time what else is there to do but do it???? #KanyeShrug

34. Show Up Kanye:

Yeah I SAID IT!!! LMAO "Im Sorry Imma Let You Finish But..... " Yeah XD

35. Rape A Whore:

Now this seems strange but would it really be rape???? Wouldnt i just be stealing her goods??? In A Sense?? She still gonna have it nuh true?? But she sells it...any way long and short Rape a Whore :D

36. Overcomes Shyness:

Yes Brady is shy "/ I Know I Know *sigh* its been a troublesome point for me but yeah if i can overcome that then W00t!!!!!! For Me!! *flings up dueces*

37. Find a Transformer:

I want one!! #ThatIsAll

38. Finish My List:

SO i actually started out wanting to write 100 Entries to the bucket list and as you can see im no where NEAR 100 so that would be a nice thing to finish it :)

See You Next Time ;)

PS: I Actually wanna do this shit :D



  1. That Villain yute....March 6, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    You're a WHORE....i hope a prostitute rapes you with a broomstick......and with that said....I WANNA GO DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! XD

  2. Lol!!!! i am not!!!! smh XD and DISNEY!!!!!!

  3. Mad cool bucket list!!! I ought to write one but that requires a lot of thought .. maybe one day! (Inspired-ish)

  4. Glad i could drop some inspiration on you :) When you DO actually do it, comem back and lemme know :)

  5. She did it Alwayne!

    P.s. the one by my favourite # made me go WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!!!

  6. i checked it out but who are you O_O


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