The Fallen

I am strong and yet I am weak
Torn from my throne
Thrown to the dogs thrown from my home
My life has been changed in more ways than one
Dishonored and failed by my daughters and sons
I'm no longer as powerful as I used to be
Stripped of all power and brought to my knees
My life now has no meaning it's either kill or be killed
I know I can't win so o will be killed
Not by my people bit by my own free will
I think to myself as I ascend the hill
Will my dive give me that optimum thrill
I prepare my mind to take that step
Over the edge it's the only choice I have left
I will not be swayed my will is strong
For what I believe mow even though I know it is wrong
I move my feet forward step by step
Free of all burdens all emotions have left
My body begins to fall as gravity takes a hold
I'm in a free fall and I feel free in my soul
The ground rushes forward at an alarming pace
Will impact occur before my heart gives out in this deathly race
I close my eyes feel the pressure build
As the earth draws ever closer
My hearty mind my soul are so close to closure
All go still and in the last moments of my life 
I know that in more ways than one I have fallen, 
I am the fallen.




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