Celeb Women Id Do Some "Plumbing" On ;)

Soo i was sitting lastnight (March 4 2011) and thinking about something when all of a sudden some celebs started popping up in and around my thought pattern so i decide what the heck name some of the ones id love to fuck right so here is just a few of them in no particular order >:)

Angelina Jolie

Not many people will see the the little vixen i see in her but trust me its there >:) Shes got a fire body too :D

Brooke Burke 

MILF Alert Nuff Said. Who doesnt love a mom who keeps a killer body after having kids :)

.Halle Berry

*cue Missy Elliot - Work It * EVERY MALE wants to fuck her 

Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus

Ok Sure the lil chick got mental issues namely shes Bi-Polar (Hence the two names) But hey Shes Legal :D and she look good :D although i dont really pree har tune dem still. But hey to each his own (Or her)


Jennifer Hudson

*cue Spotlight* She Doesnt like the light well that nuh matter we can sex in the dark babe anytime anywhe *cue Pon Di Floor - Major Lazer* And anybody who knows me should know by now i LOVE breasts so you know at least one of the reasons why she makes my list :D


Jennifer Love Hewitt

What to say id do a lot of things with this one #ThatIsAll


Meghan Fox

Okay okay so i know she had a CGI body in Transformers but with or with out that Shes FUCKING HOT!!!! *grabs lotion* BRB ;)

Nicki Minaj

Ok so she "Bought" her body from Toys'R'Us Big deal she made a nice purchase #KanyeShrug i just wonder if shed lemme Smang it??? Id Keep That Moment For Life ;)


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Yes People TWINS!!!! Do i hear Threesome????? Yes?? No?? Never did a ask unuh anyway
Two little hotties. My only thought is "Which one should i tap first?"


Raven Symone

She grown!!! And it look like she grown good too. Wonder how she is in bed...only one way to find out i guess. As a plus shes got nice tits :D


Vanessa Hudgens

Shes Disneys Best product :D i usually go for the bigger tits but small works for her and i think she should work for me...dont you think so too?? Noo?? #OkBye AnyWho id tap her all dal and all night while she sings on my mic ;)


Until Next Time :D *more lotion*



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