How To: Stalker 101

People tend to think that being a stalker is an easy venture but in truth and in fact its a very difficult task. Many different criteria have to be filled in order for someone to successfully be a stalker and stalk someone. A few of these things.

1: You have to have a good name to be a stalker the name makes it more fun :)

2: Check your targets fridge on a regular basis let them know when they run low on your favorite food. You do have to eat you know

3: The closer you can live to your victim will increase the chances of success in the stalking game

4: Leave little things around their living area to let them know you've been checking up on them :)

5: If you can befriend such person without them knowing you are their stalker that would be a plus XD

6: Take lots of pictures of your target. Try to get ones of them doing things they think no one else would possiby know about. The more compromising the picture the better ;)

7: Call them on a regular using a deep muffled voice :) it works wonders. Tell them what they are doing when they pick up the call and what they are wearing it will freak them the hell out!

8: Pay attention to where they park, where they eat, where they sit when they're just hanging around.

9: You'll want to pay particular attention to them as you are driving around. A two-car distance is good if you don't want to be spotted.

10: If they throw something away (especially crumpled up paper) take it! It could have some very valuable information (The Good Stuff!! ) >:)

11: Google their name, find them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. They're online somewhere... Did you know you can even look up their police record?! If their misdemeanors matches yours, then it's surely meant to be!

WARNING: An arrest or a restraining order may occur.

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