Twitter Rules And Etiquette... Now You know

So we all know about the social networking website known as Twitter, well we all should anyway #KanyeShrug. But we all know that with every bit of knowledge there is an equally opposite lack of it. So let me educate some of you who are ignorant of the rules and simple etiquette of said Website. These rules are as follows...

(Note i made these up but you can still follow them XD cool??? cool)

1. If someone mentions you in a tweet, unless your going to reply DO NOT RT said tweet that is unless its something worthwhile.

Example of something that SHOULD NOT be RT'd

"@John_Doe Hi Wats Up???"

wasted tweet...

2. Following Up on Rule #1 RT Responsibly. Basically a given if you constantly RT shit then after awhile your RT's will be seen as worthless and not worth the first glance. Can someone say Crying Wolf???

3. Dont Beg for follows people it makes you seem .... Needy. It doesnt look good on you... So Um #TeamFollowBack??? #GTFOH

4. Not Everything should follow the hashtag >>> # <<< Pointless #ThatIsAll. Hash tag misuse is against the law >.> Hash Responsibly

5. Dont take tweets too serious. Twitter is NOT real life. People will talk shit about you and you cant do shit about it. Smile and move on

6. Stop trying to be a Twitter Gangster/Bully. it makes no sense anyone can act tough online #ThatAintWinning

7. On the matter or follower etiquette this is how i do, if i follow you and you followback nothing is wrong with that, but if you follow me and i see no reason to follow you then you have no right to be telling me i should follow you. If you interested me in the least bit i may have given your follow button some foreplay.

8. DONT be a groupie, makes you look hungry. If an artist/celeb says something that you like sure you can do an RT but dont go slobbering over them as if you worship everything they say.

9. If you act one way online it is safe to deduce that you act the same way in person. So if by chance you tweet like a slut and you meet up with a twitter friend and that person treat you in the same manner or tries to then the fault lies with you. Be true to yourself and others and you will be faultless. This One applies to all other social networks.

10. Your realationship is for you and your partner(s) not for the whole world to see. Dont bring your relationships inner details and working to the web. #ThatAintRight sure you can ask for advice and shit but dont be telling everyone how your slu of a girlfriend has this special head game going on and that she got which skill in the bed. We dont need to know that shit.

11. Not everyone is your friend. You never know who is trying to bring you down. Dont tell them peoples your details and shit. You never know who is what in real life.... By the way i think your out of sugar #ThingsAStalkerWouldSay *whistles nervously*

12. If you tweet youi best be able to take a joke. If not you wont survive very long on twitter. There will always be that joker on your page who makes a joke out of everything so you gotta learn to deal with that.

13. Get your tweet game up. Twitter is made for tweeting if your only seeing one persons tweets flooding your timeline then your tweet game aint on point. There has to be a balance. Follow some more people try and get some followers, tweet good shit. Then you will see a balance.

14. IF you dont like twitter get off #Simple, no one is begging you to be here you wont be missed trust me

15. It is probably not the smartest thing if you have a blackberry to post your Pin on the public timeline. If your pin sharing theres an app for that....its called the DM.

16. Dont try to act like you're better than anyone else. We arent all stuck up snobs so we dont showcase all the priveledges we have you would be wise to not do so either... remember stalkers exists ;) .... By the way Your looking nice in that dress today #ThingsAStalkerWouldSay

17. Twitter is all about networking and enjoyment so ... um go do that Enjoy Yourself and go make friends XD

If you have anything to add leave them in the comment box below

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  1. LOL! I like this!.. One you forgot though.... Don't go complaining about some1 on your TL. If you don't like the person why are you following them? If its other people that are RT'ing or Mentioning them well is either you ignore it OR you can Mute the persons twitter name. So if someone mentions their twitter name at all the tweet doesn't show...... Good stuff! (Y)

  2. Thanks For the comment lol glad you like to (Y) the world needs to know. and fortunately for me i havent had to mute or block anyone since ive been on twitter so yay me!! XD

  3. funni stuff but jah know thats a long ass list. makes Twitter look like i studying for CXC. lol. but jah know fi real some of these people on Twitter go hard breaking nuff of these codes of conduct.

  4. its a long list yes but its all worth it :) plus if its a test its open book so you may refer to this post for your answer XD


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