The Loved Ones (A Review)

     First off let me give a shout out to @ShawnaWTF (she has a blog click it >>>> Blog) for telling me about this movie lol. It came out in 2009 and im just watching it, just hearing about it as  well so im only guessing it wasnt in theatres (correct me if im wrong). Secondly I shall include my disclaimer so here goes....

I am not to a pro at this review thing zeen. This would be my third and it probably wont be my last thanks to Shawna lol but just enjoy the thing maybe check the movie out yourself. You may get a different understanding and feel to it. If you are anything like me however i beleive we will be of the same belief in accordance to the review of the here movie. So with out further ado, lets go.

     So this movie if taken at surface is value is typically like another prom movie. You know that thing Americans do when they have a final dance and choose a king and queen and shit??? Yeah, that. So any who, in essence, the main male character (Brent) gets asked out to the prom by one of the main females(Lola) and turns her down because hes already going with his girlfriend (Holly). CAR SEX! \o/ *clears throat* boobs shown early (plus 10 for me). At this point I began my boob counter although it made no sense since there was only two points in which boobs were shown :/. Moving right along however, we skip down to a couple scenes where dude EASILY gets abducted. Gets taken to stalker girls (Lola) house and tied to a chair. Typical outcome if you ask me. He gets tortured blah blah blah Anyways breaking it down as far as I can the guy actually escapes from the house and runs into a tree -_- a FUCKING TREE!!! Why the fuck would you run into a tree in the backyard of the person holding you hostage??? Jump the fucking fence and get away or SOMETHING but you run into a tree nigga??? A fucking TREE nigga??? Son I am Disappoint -_-. You KNOW they caught him again right??? Then they Modern day Jesused him?? Nigga got his feet nailed (with knives) to the ground Jesus style (I lol'd a little bit). All the while my girl (Crazy Bitch) is in his lap telling him to cry (I seriously believe she got off on that shit). FEEL UP ON DANCE FLOOR!!! \o/  then CAR SEX!!! *clears throat*. Yadda yadda. Dude gets free, kills father, beat beat up the catty, get lock up again. I began to think he enjoyed being locked up and I sorta had a feeling such girl was a lowkey dominatrix/freak nah mean??? So the police come to the house and wouldnt you know it (just as i predicted) he gets killed. I mean, you going to the suspects house right, you hear a sound coming from where you think someone is being held...You mean to tell me you just gonna waltz over there and open it up without checking out your surroundings first??? So police dead, girl heads out to kill dude mom and girlfriend. Dude get bright idea get out, take cop car runs over crazy bitch, movie done.

     The ending in my opinion was waaaay too anti-climatic. The plot was kinda see through, I did however like the Audio Arrangement. It is supposedly a Horror/Drama/Thriller based movie. I however, don't believe it deserved to be placed under the categories of Horror and Thriller. Drama however it just barely fits in. Near the beginning of the movie, I was of the impression that the crazy bitch and her dad were into some incest shit and near the end my curiousity was sated as I found it to be true. The acting was also pretty decent O_O. I sort of wondered as well what was the role of father and daughter, because it seemed as if the dad was scared to disobey the daughter or maybe im just looking at it the wrong way idk.

Here, have a trailer

So what do i think of the movie???:

Plot: 3/10
Entertainment Value: 5/10
Acting: 8/10

Overall: 6/10

Definitely an interesting watch but lacking replay value. That my friends is my honest opinion. We're done here :)

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  1. ok .. I started and realized that I ought to watch the movie first then continue reading .... You better add *SPOILER ALERT* to that disclaimer :P will be back!

  2. Lol naaah no spoiler alert on this one :D i await your return


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