The Versatile Blogger

Speech Enuh~

     -In my announcer voice- The final nominee for the award of Versatile blogger goes to .... drum roll please *drumroll* ME!!!!! *runs wildly onto stage grabs award and mic* First off I want to thank my family and friend *fake tears* and and I want to thank my producers and finally
I want to thank God for not taking me as a potato, but for taking me as a yam (bet you dont get it lol comment if you do) .... 
Okay draw brakes lol. Anyways, this is something new to know I don't think I have really ever gotten an award for anything to say the least... so this is really......weird??? Yeah thank you one and all for this. :D

Rules Enuh~

     Okay so now that I have gotten my awesome speech out of the way let me drop the rules on ya real quick :)


1: Add the award to your blog *prees award at top* yep seet deh *adds ticky*
2: Thank the blogger who gave it to you. (In Progress)

Thank You

Latoya Miriam Agatha Muriel Gail (Ignore the three middle names lol) I thank you for bestowing this award on moi.  :D

3: Mention 7 Random things about ones self..... (In Progress)
     1. I hate calling people.....
     2. I love breasts.... (Though i doubt this is really random since its a well known fact)
     3. Sometimes Moody
     4. Single :/
     5. Love short girls
     6. Hate the act of smoking (not saying I've done it mark you)
     7. I wonder if I can tie a knot in a cherry stem (ponders)
(click here for a longer list of things )

4: List the rules (In progress)
5: Give the award to 15 or More Bloggers (In progress)

     1. In the Mind Of My Mind : 
         A blog for any and all things game and tech related.

     2. Confessions By R.E.D.
         I guess you could say this is a slight step into the personal life of this young lady.

     3. Chunchimina :
         What to say a bout chunchi I don't know lol. Check her out though she speaks her mind.

     4. Veritas
         The name means truth so I guess you could say he speaks the truth on his blog.

         If I have to tell you she's a movie blogger then you my friend are touched in the head :p

     6. Monotone Skittle :
         This young lady is sort of new but she's a good girl so check her out.

     7. idendefy :
         Shes a poet :) Need I say more???

     8. codewordsex :
         Again a description is not needed, the blogs name says it all

     9. Method Mecca :
         This blog has a little bit of everything...kinda like mine ^_^ but different in many ways

     10. 13th Street Promotions :
         Music, Music, Music. Enough said

     11. The Adventures of Mamachel : 
         Catch her if you can I guess lol

     12. Lead and Lens :
         Shes a photo blogger but I dont know why she hasnt been updating >.>

         For the party people I would imagine.

     14. MszRockstar :
         BADDEST entertainment blog around. She also got me started blogging! Check her OUT!

     15. Dat MAD! :
         Music, Party updates, Photos etc; this is the place to be!

As at this point in the post rules number 1 through 5 stand completed (Y) and now a word from our sponsors...... *crickets* who am I kidding!? Sponsor??? *dies* gimme a break! Lol, Latoya back to you.

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  1. Mirriam Agatha Muriel! I thank goodness you were not given the honour of naming me (though neither of my parents are willing to own up to that)

    Jah know #5 I never had a chance *sniffles*

    Throws roses and candy at you!!! Off to click on all o dem blogs :D (Especially since I know I have a banner to start! ... ) Procrastinators unite! ... tomorrow....

    and FINALLY .... but for taking me as I am ... a yam? :O

  2. LOL dem name deh a shat wha took you!! :D

    Wait which banner O_O and yes you got it right :D

  3. HEHEHE it might grow on me :P
    Banner's posed on my page......
    YAY ME! Still got some active braincells after all


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