Día de los Padres (Fathers Day)

     First off lets talk about my awesome title up there :) isnt it awesome. Google translate is my bitch ^_^ but seriously doesnt it sound awesome to say??? Admit it, thats the most badass title you've EVER seen! Right?? Yeah I thought so :) Anyway down to business....
     So fathers day is coming up right and hardly anyone remembers or even notices that its just around the corner. Strange isn't it? Yet when mothers day is on the horizon everyone knows about at least a month in advance. Why do dads always get short-handed? Leaving all the bad examples of fathers aside, dads on a whole are equally important in the upbringing of a child as the mother and yet the mothers are 99 to 1 shown more attention. Look at when the woman is pregnant... All her friends pat her tummy and tell her she's gonna be a great mom & good job. Not once however do her friends come over and say any of those nice words to you "good job on getting her pregnant or you'll make a great dad". No the most some men get is probably a death glare from her closest friend. I remember back in my day dads used to get a lot of attention and the women were lucky enough to be recognized... ah who am i kidding? I'm not old enough to say back in my day... when I am however I doubt i'll want to seeing as nowadays it doesn't look so promising to be a father. That's just my two cents though short and to the point. As we say in Russia Have nice day (I'm from Jamaica)

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  1. as far as highlighting moms more the simple answer is females are more emotional and don't forget stuff. so if you dare fuck up and forget something like mothers day best believe you are up shit creek without a paddle. a man will understand or not pay it as much mind because we are conditioned as such from a young age. Mothers day is just another one of the few things we should just give to females out of common courtesy for all the shit they have to endure in their lives in comparison to us supposedly having it easy as men. bad thing is they tend to forget that we are the ones that have to put up with them for better or for worse so we deserve some props too.

  2. That mek sense, but even if we dont really care about it persay it would still be good if they at least put some effort into it

  3. im sure you are old enough to realize by now that as men we dont get much say in alot of things once a female is involved.

  4. hahah welll MY DADDY IZS THE MOST AWESOMEST MAN IN THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :D He doesn't like being fussed over but I do find a subtle way to show my appreciation and will be doing so this weekend! Getting ma behind out of bed and making his fav breakfast!


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