Modern Day Woman: Taking Initiative

     Greetings one and all, I'm back with another interesting post here. Today we'll be looking at something that not many people think about ie: Should women take the initiative when it comes to certain things.... Lets go.

     Ok so we all should be aware of the fact at some point in our lives that its generally the male of any species that courts the female to initiate a relationship. We as humans don't generally follow along with the way of things anyway so why follow that rule? So I asked the question on twitter and got two different answers on one hand one female replied with a big "Why not??" and another replied with "I'm sorry but that's not my role"... Down to business then.

     Who was the one who said that its solely a man's role to court the female??? Sure its been the norm for generations and is basically the natural order of things. Times however are changing and thus practices are most likely going to have be altered and/or changed to go along with those times. The practice of women courting men is one which has already begun albeit not by all women at the moment. So what in essence is wrong with a woman going after a man that catches her eyes??? The answer to that is simple... Society. You two kinds of people in this world, Conformists and Non-Conformists. Those who are Conformists, typically go along with everything society throws at them because according to them, society is never wrong. From this springs males who refuse to even give a first glance to females who approach them and in the same breathe gives birth to females who will forever refuse to stray from the ways of being courted and in turn do the actual courting. With all that said however there is still nothing stated which really makes a woman going after a man "wrong".

     What we need to understand, is in this day and age it is quite alright albeit not widely acceptable for a woman to court a man. Court in the sense that she can call him up or go to his house or however she wants to do it and ask him out on a date and such. Let him know you are interested in him. Also if we are going to be completely rid of gender biases and give women what they want; IE: equal rights, then this step is critical. Look at it this way, even though we as men actually do the courting of the female who has garnered our attention, she has to actually think to herself if whichever guy it is that approaches her is the one she wants to be with...correct??? So then wouldn't things be made much easier if the female were to make the first move??? It's only logical the way I see it. As far as a female asking a man to marry her goes, that is also something I see nothing wrong with, its just a strong willed woman making moves to go for what she wants what could possibly be wrong with that??? Apart from the fact that some may see it as emasculating the male there is literally nothing wrong with it (unless you're a conformist) in which case some of you should consider investing in a lifetime supply of cat food and twilight DVDs since that's all you will have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Some final thoughts: 

Some women believe that no matter how much they actually like a guy, they would rather sit down and wait for him to approach her than to put herself out there and face the probability of being rejected by said guy. In truth and in fact that is exactly the same obstacle guys face all the time, does it stop us??? No. Should it stop you??? NO! Get off your ass, the is the age of the Modern Day Woman

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  1. I agree! Don't think it makes him less of a man if he didn't make the first move. Not everyone's the same ... just don't play games ... that's all!

    If we grew up doing the opposite thing as the norm then it would be just as strange now.

  2. Exactly!!!!! Glad you at least see things the Me way :)

  3. Well you are the pnis version of me! :P

  4. great article....real talk..most of the ways and patterns people follow are based on standards that society thus they if they want to acquire or do something they dont because they think it might be unethical or breaking the rules


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