For The Freaks

DISCLAIMER: There is a bit of lewd language,  as should be expected considering the title. This disclaimer is only here for show for that matter so carry on I guess.

For The Freaks

At that point and time,
I was too timid to speak my mind,
You asked me what I wanted,
Coyly I said, "To be inside of you"
You knew I wanted more,
Aware of my so called innocent attitude,
You called me out,
"Grow up and say it! No nice shit!
Say it like you want it, make believe it!"
Damn you were right...

Fuck it,
I needed this pussy bad,
Needed to dick you down with my chocolate cocaine,
Make you scream with passion,
Moan in our ecstasy, And cry in the pleasure and pain,

I couldn't say another word I just showed you all my action,
You grabbing on my thick stick,
Devouring my chocolate member whole,
Head game that would put Super head to shame and Amber Cole to sleep,
Shit I'm going out of my mind.

But I took you by surprise,
Tugging on your braids as I hit that fat ass from behind,
"C'mon daddy" you whisper that dirty, nasty, juicy shit in my ear,
I'm spanking you, pounding you,
Leaving scratch marks on your ass cheeks,
"MMMM YES" You screamed out in sheer bliss.

You shower me with you rough kisses,
We're tugging on each others lips.

I flipped you over with no struggle,
Caught that sweet intoxicating aroma of your pussy,
Your pussy taking in my dick like a fat kid at pie eating contest,

Our favourite number 69,
Our legs and thighs intertwined,
Tongue fucking your sweet peach pie,
Multi-tasking by making love to your mind,

Mmmmm were both at our peak,
Probing, Screwing, scratching each other,
Into our CLIMAX!!!
Damn definitely didn't want this to end.
I think we need to try this shit again...

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