Death and Suicide

Death and Suicide
Written By: Alwayne

Voices haunt me the voices in my head
I can't seem to stop the razor because it wants me dead
They say the good die first but that seems to be a lie
Unless it means I'm bad because I am still alive
I think I'm going insane I'm living my life too real
But I guess I like the way how this insanity feels
It feels so empowering makes me feel I can do whatever
So I can slice my wrists and not Die, sadly
But I can share the blood with whoever
I know there are others like me
I just know I'm not alone
I have a word of warning though it is for your own good
When I'm in this mode it's best to leave me alone
I seem to attack anyone who gets in my way
Force them to join my cause so they dont live another day
You should know by now the root of my insanity
It is simply my greed, my overdose of reality
You know they say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
I say all real and no fake can make anyone a kill joy
Meaning they kill for the joy
Big men and women little girls and boys
They become emotional wrecks
Who fly at you for the smallest thing
But enough about them back to the main thing...
The voices were telling me my time on earth was done
But I couldn't leave yet, a life, I needed to take another one
But was it a bit too late
My blood was almost finished
Was it possible to kill someone now
Before my blood fully diminished
I got up off the floor stained and wet with my blood
I felt a bit dizzy but I got through it in my mind alone
I stepped out my front door the road was a mess
Cars moving so fast you see them for only a second or less
I wasn't thinking straight I let my feet guide me
I walked right out into the road with my mind as my IV
I took a life alright of the bitch who made me take mine
She was coincidentally driving with her new man in fine style
She's the one who hit me and my body began to fly
But before I even fell I saw hundreds of people Die
The feeling was ecstatic I watched the pile up with glee
All these people dying were dying just for me
I finally felt love even though of was the sick kind
I didn't really care, caring was the last thing on my mind
As I neared the ground I could clearly see her eyes
staring back at me thinking back on both our lives
But one thought I was thinking she never could have heard
so I did the next best thing as I died I flipped her the bird


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