Women and Dick.....

“Mi nuh wha no man wid no likkle dick! Mi wha feel it up inna mi belly” That’s what you hear a majority of the female population saying nowadays. The sad truth however is that most of them can’t even handle the power of a big dick. Sure they can talk the talk about wanting it, but the second they feel it entering them they bolt, sometimes as soon as they see it.
A bet yall don’t even know how dick works. A majority of the blood in the males body is directed to the dick when hes horny and this is what gives the dick life. Now with that said I should probably say that the bigger the dick the more blood is needed to get it going. With me so far??? Good. Now that being the case the body only allows that set amount of blood to be diverted, the rest is kept on a normal course so as to prevent the body from shutting down.So naturally if some dude has a movie dick he won’t be able to achieve full capacity. What do women say to this??? “You really stop aready??”  Its impossible for an oversized dick to become fully hard. Another thing ladies dick on average are between 4 – 8 inches… on average. So all of you women saying “Oh my man has a 10 inch dick and dicks me down good everynight” STFU we know you lying. An to all the virgins bragging about how you so tight you make a nigga cum in 5 minutes you can kill yourself now. 

This was just another short rant.  So cut the crap ladies will ya? "/ Some a you niggas as well need fi tap tell woman bout unno have whichever size and whatsitnot some a dem cyaa measure so if you all tell dem unno have 10 inch when unno really have 3 it cuz problem for the rest of fellas like myself, feel me? Cool. Lata vybz *walks off with the long dick stride* #Winning



  1. hahahaha big dick, small dick ... a dick is a dick ... just have to know how to use it!

  2. Quite so lol now if only everyone understodd this, the world would be a MUCH better place


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